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Rick Perry: When it Comes to National Security, Obama Has “Fallen Victim to Delusional Thinking”

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Published on: April 9, 2015

In a powerful speech delivered to the student body at the Citadel Military Academy in Charleston, South Carolina, former Texas Governor Rick Perry berated President Obama’s ‘State of Delusion’ on National Security, taking a few moments to decry the President’s rhetoric on the state of our world and even coming incredibly close to calling President Obama a liar.

“If you choose to wear the uniform of our nation, you deserve the truth about the realities you will face, however unpleasant. At no time in the last 25 years has the world been more dangerous. And because of it, some of you will be called upon to put your lives at risk.

The president’s State of the Union address has become the State of Delusion address. When Yemen is held up as a model for containing terrorism, when ISIS is declared contained and its religious roots are denied, our president has fallen victim to delusional thinking.”

Governor Perry also took the time to outline a plan for the future of America and said that his vision was modeled on that of former President Ronald Reagan. The best way to ensure peace in the near future is by building a large and powerful military that instills fear into our enemies and respect into our allies.

“The best policy to preempt war is to establish the capacity and display the resolve to wage it with overwhelming, decisive and crushing force. For most of the last seventy years, we have kept a strong peacetime force, developed intelligence assets, utilized the tools of soft power, and built alliances that made the world more secure. We did not avoid war – as Korea and Vietnam demonstrate – but we avoided world war, and we utilized our superior military capabilities, our free market system and a policy of strategic engagement to rid the world of Soviet Communism.”

Governor Perry believes that a large, modern and powerful military are important because, “we need a military with the capacity to fight one major war and respond to several other serious contingencies of various sizes in overlapping geographic regions…  Military planners will tell you that a one-war strategy is really a no-war strategy because of the risk of opportunistic aggression when America is fighting on another front.”

Governor Perry also blasted the Obama administration’s foreign policy efforts, which thus far can be described as anemic, at best. He focused particularly on the negotiations taking place on Iran.

“The president’s negotiations with Iran have served to legitimize – not limit – their nuclear ambitions. They are an aggressive power seeking dominance in the Middle East. They fund the terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah. They control four proxy states. And nuclear weapons in their hands will destabilize the Middle East, setting off a nuclear arms race that will lead to a Sunni bomb, and create a grave escalation of the threat posed to the one vibrant democracy in the Middle East: Israel. One of my first actions in office would be to invalidate the president’s Iran agreement, which jeopardizes the safety and security of the free world.”

In his comments at the Citadel, Rick Perry drew a hard line’s difference between him and the President on foreign policy, and the maneuver may be coming at just the right time. As all of Obama’s foreign policy moves have fallen apart, his last ditch effort with Iran also seems destined for failure because of the way it panders to Iranian hopes for a nuclear future. I wonder if we may look back on this speech as the start of big things for Rick Perry and his White House aspirations.


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