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Rigged Voting Machine “Stuck” On Clinton/Kaine (Video)

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Published on: November 8, 2016

Even though we know voting machines can be rigged to throw an election anyway some interested party would desire, we continue to allow them to  be used in our elections.  Newly released video from the battle ground State of Pennsylvania demonstrates just how real the problem of electronic voter machines actually is.

Hey, no need to be concerned though.  It isn’t like any of these manufacturers or polling people haven’t claimed that they have tested and confirmed such machines are functioning properly for months, right?

Still, year after year, we see just how these machines are actually being used to commit voter  fraud.

This video comes from Pennsylvania. Notice the no matter how many times the voter selects Trump/Pence, the machines remains on Clinton/Kaines.

Though election officials claim the that problem has been resolved, Pennsylvania has experienced quite a bit of electronic voter mayhem.  Not only that, but several other battleground states have experienced it as well.

One of the most telling things is that it never seems to happen for the positive for anyone by Clinton/Kaine.

Furthermore, I reported earlier that Democrats were even turning away Trump poll watchers.

Will anyone actually contest the results of this election?  We already know the GOP gave up their rights in court decades ago to contest voter fraud, so will it be up to Donald Trump to do it by himself?  If the fact that he has assembled a team of attorneys to do just that is any indication, then yes, he will proceed as planned.

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