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RINOs: McConnell Floats DREAMer Bill While Graham Drafts Legislation To Benefit Illegal Alien Invaders

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Published on: June 9, 2019

While the Mexican delegation was in Washington, DC, meeting with President Trump to reach an agreement on “asylum alignment” and the “safe third country” deal, Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Senate Majority Leader, spoke to Guy Benson, Fox News radio host, regarding legislation concerning “Dreamers” and the illegal alien invasion occurring on the US southern border, as reported by  According to McConnell, “Dreamers” have a sympathetic case, but it isn’t enough to get any legislation passed.  He also contended that providing “Dreamers” with a path to citizenship has to be paired with additional measures to “fix the broken immigration system”.

McConnell spoke to Fox News Radio host Guy Benson, who asked him if the Democrats’ American Dream and Promise Act (H.R. 6) will get a vote in the Senate.

“Probably not,” McConnell said.

“Immigration is an area that there is bipartisan responsibility from failure to act. I think it’s important to remember when the Democrats last controlled the entire government — the White House, the House, the Senate in 2009, 2010 — never brought the subject up.

“So it makes me wonder if they really want an outcome or they want an issue. I think the Dreamers have a sympathetic case. There are circumstances under which I and others would be happy to support that. But we need to do more than that. You know, there’s some genuine fixes on the legal immigration side and on the illegal immigration side that need to be addressed.”

McConnell was correct citing a “bipartisan responsibility” for failing to act on illegal alien invasion and enforcement of immigration law.  And, when it comes to legal immigration, there are many areas for improvement, such as the “liberal” visa program concerning foreign workers and the number of individuals allowed to enter the republic each year.  But, citizens should know by now that both parties receive a secondary gain from refusing to address either issue – Democrats gain voters as States allow illegal alien invaders to vote in violation of the law and Republicans can satisfy their corporate donor handlers with cheap labor.  It has become a “one hand washes the other” with both parties where both receive a benefit while both agree to skirt the immigration issues.

While “Dreamers” may have a “sympathetic case” according to McConnell, the truth is these “Dreamers” are no longer children and could have presented themselves to immigration offices upon reaching the age of eighteen or adulthood.  Since these “Dreamers” failed to do so, choosing instead to blatantly violate the law, these individuals should be treated the same as any illegal alien invader – held to the immigration law.  The fixes on the illegal alien invasion side should be enforcement of the law, not changing the law to fit lawlessness, corruption and those who violate the law;  and, it certainly should not be changing the law to fit any reason presented by those apprehended by border patrol to gain entry into the united States.

When it comes to legal immigration, the number of legal immigrants entering the republic should be lowered and the visa programs scaled back.  But, this would go against the Republican corporate donor handlers who demand immigration be legislated according to their needs, just as illegal alien invasion is legislated or ignored to provide Democrats an additional voting base.  It has been this status quo – the ignoring of immigration law, as well as the welfare/warfare state, that has resulted in the problems with legal immigration and illegal alien invasion. continued:

H.R. 6 would provide green cards and work permits to immigrants brought illegally to the U.S. as minors (“Dreamers”), if they meet certain criteria. It would also allow some immigrants with Temporary Protected Status (TPS) and Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) status to apply for permanent legal status. Some 2.5 million people could obtain permanent citizenship as a result.

McConnell said he’d want those provisions paired with additional legislative fixes that would stop the massive influx of illegal immigrants, many of them claiming amnesty.

“I think there’s a perfectly legitimate case for the Dreamers…But I think we need to do more than just that, and that’s the context in which I would deal with that issue in the Senate.”

McConnell said the first thing Congress needs to do is “deal with the humanitarian crisis.”

“That’s the short-term problem that needs to be addressed through a supplemental appropriation,” he said. But Democrats are balking even at the request for emergency money to deal with the humanitarian crisis.

Every politician is looking to afford some type of “exception” for “Dreamers” that rewards these individuals for breaking the law after the age of adulthood.  Citizens should be so lucky to have a Congress legislating on behalf of their best interests according to the Constitution instead of legislating to shaft citizens at every turn.  But, what else can you expect from a Congress that allows “preferred status” individuals impunity from the law?

Emergency money?  Humanitarian crisis?  No one told the tens of thousands of Central Americans to risk their lives and the lives of their children to trek thousands of miles to attempt to enter the united States illegally or present at our southern border with bogus claims of asylum.  Why should taxpayer dollars be spent on upkeep of criminals?  It’s an affront to all citizens, immigrants who entered legally, and those waiting to enter our republic through legal means, even when legal immigration should be curbed.  This is not a humanitarian crisis, but an invasion based on the number of individuals, some criminals and terrorists, crossing the border.  It should be dealt with through Constitutional means, as has been discussed in previous articles using the citizen militia and State guard to secure and monitor the border, while ceasing the welfare/warfare state.

Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) has planned to introduce his “immigration fix” known as The Secure and Protect Act of 2019, in two weeks.  His bill will require individuals from Central America to apply at the US embassy or consulate in their own country or at “refugee processing centers in Mexico.”  The bill would allow US authorities to send unaccompanied minors back to their home country in the same way that Mexicans are treated.  Graham’s bill also extends the time illegal alien invader families with minor children are detained to 100 days and authorizes hiring 500 new immigration judges to decrease the asylum backlog.  Guess who gets to pay for these judges and the continued upkeep of illegal alien invaders?

Doesn’t the UN already require “refugees” and asylum seekers to present themselves to the authorities in the first country entered after emigrating from their home country?  Yes, it does.  And, these individuals do not do that choosing instead to circumvent legal processes to enter sovereign nations illegally then trek to the US to enter illegally as well.  Moreover, someone should tell the American people how this piece of legislation is going to apply to individuals who already break the law without some type of force behind it other than extending detention days and hiring more judges?

McConnell claimed that Sen. Graham is attempting to get some legal changes that need to be made.

“What Lindsey’s trying to do is to get some legal changes that we absolutely need to make,” McConnell said. “I hope he can get some Democratic support in — in committee. And if he can put something together on a bipartisan basis that helps us solve the legal problems we’re confronted with — it’s just how long can you detain people. That — that’d be a good subject to bring up.”

Go ahead and shake your head.  Everyone in both chambers of Congress have not gone brain dead or been hit with the stupid stick.  No, they are trying to figure out how to best get all these lawbreakers into the US while reserving the option to blame the other party when citizens get shafted. concluded:

McConnell repeated what he said earlier this week at a news conference, that Republicans are generally not in favor of president’s plan to place tariffs on Mexico as a way to force Mexico to stop the immigrant caravans from Central America.

“So I’m hoping this can be avoided,” McConnell said. “There’s a Mexican delegation in town as you and I are speaking trying to see if they can reach some agreement to do a better job of keeping folks — mostly these people who are coming up from Central America, not from Mexico.

“And they’re traversing the entire Mexico — if the Mexicans could do a better job of preventing them from crossing the border in the southern part of Mexico and also try to enhance their effort on the border, maybe all of this can be averted.”

Constitutionally, the president’s plan to place tariffs on Mexico would be dead in the water, if the Constitution were being followed.  And, no tariff is going to “force” Mexico to stop the illegal alien invasion trekking through its land toward the united States.  There’s no benefit to Mexico involved.  It doesn’t matter if Mexico lets them violate its immigration law or not.  Mexico is not responsible for assisting the US to secure its own borders.  Why is it that Congress and Trump seem to think Mexico has to help with our border security and illegal alien invasion problem?

Here’s something to think about.  What has Mexico done for the united States to help with anything?  Nothing, nada, zero, zilch, nil.  The corrupt, criminal, cartel-controlled Mexican government will be glad to extort money from the US to “help” with the illegal alien invasion until it decides the amount is not enough.  And, the Mexican government will be glad to agree to some deal as long as it benefits it in a major way.

What citizens are seeing here is a massive BS campaign to repeat lies, nonsense, and political rhetoric regarding the illegal alien invasion of the united States to somehow get the American people to believe there is no option to stop this invasion except to pass legislation benefitting the illegal alien invaders while shafting American citizens and entering into some agreement with Mexico to help secure our own border.  It’s all bull and the people should know it by now.  In all probability, the majority of people do know this is a bulls**t campaign.  However, with both chambers of Congress already shielded from being held accountable to citizens, these charlatans operate the way they want.

The only measures to stop the illegal alien invasion of our republic are through the use of force that is necessary to turn these criminals back and discourage others from attempting to enter, cessation of the welfare/warfare state, removing the “preferred status” of illegal alien invaders, deport illegals here in the States to include “Dreamers”, enforce the immigration law, decrease the number of legal immigrants yearly, and place citizens first, instead of illegal alien invaders, corporate donor handlers, and the “parties.”  Until these measures are done, the US will continue to receive illegal alien invaders until their numbers become enough to engage in an overthrow of our constitutional form of government to instill a despotic and tyrannical government where native citizens will suffer.  All one has to do is look back at history to know this is what happens when foreign invasion occurs.  And, it is even worse when elected officials and advocates for open borders facilitate the invasion.

Get the picture?  Citizens will pay for their own subjugation through foreign invasion while applauding measures that will do nothing to stop it.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost.

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