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Man Rips Up Homeless Veteran’s Sign – What Happens Next Will Make You Smile!

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Published on: October 9, 2014

If there is one thing I hate to see, it’s a homeless US veteran. These men, in many cases gave their all for their country and have, in many cases, been abandoned by it. However, there is always some, like US Army veteran Alan McCracken, who loves to make people smile and is positive despite being homeless. So what would you think he would do if a stranger walked up, took his sign and ripped it to shreds? The results of both the sign ripping and the reaction from McCracken are unexpected.

Rob Anderson, a street magician, heard about McCracken and that no matter whether people gave him money or food or nothing at all, he enjoyed making people smile.

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Anderson wanted to help him out, but wanted to make sure he was the real deal. He took the cardboard sign from the veteran and drew dollar signs on it, asking if that helped. He did this in response to the sign, which read “Anything helps.”

He then proceeded to rip the sign up into little squares and McCracken seems fascinated by what’s happening and beings to question him about keeping the magic marker to make another sign. However, he quickly catches on and just as Anderson is about to perform the magic, McCracken asks if Anderson is one of the street magicians who turns the sign into a wad of money.

Lo and behold, no sooner does he get the question out of his mouth than Anderson unfolds the shredded cardboard into a restored piece with lots of money falling out of it, all for Alan McCracken.

Amazed, McCracken asks, “How did you do that. That’s so cool man!”

Anderson has a goal of providing $10,000 to McCracken via his GoFundMe page. He’s already exceeded that amount. As of this writing, he’s raised $15,180! Well done Rob and those who have contributed!

“Since filming the video, I have located Alan again and gotten to know him. Alan is just as kind in person as he appears in the video. He can often be seen in downtown Las Vegas with a large sign that says ‘SMILE’, just trying to bring a smile to strangers’ faces, even if they don’t give him any money,” Anderson’s GoFundMe page reads.

“After speaking with Alan, he told me ‘I’m not out here to fill my pockets… I’m out here to fill my soul. The Lord will provide what I need.’ Alan does not do any drugs, and is proud to tell you about overcoming alcoholism much earlier in life,” he added. “He would love to find a job, but as he explained to me, it’s difficult to find a job when you don’t have a home to clean yourself up in, or a decent change of clothes to wear. If there’s anyone who would be deserving of assistance to get back on their feet, it is Alan McCracken.”

The video has been up since October 1 and has already generated over 2.5 million views. Enjoy and remember to make someone smile today, perhaps even meet a need they have.


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