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Ron Paul: Are We a Nation of Wimps?

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Published on: May 19, 2015

Ron Paul recently released a scathing op-ed on our current cultural wimpiness.

In the op-ed, Dr. Paul is in vintage form, attacking liberal economic policies as well as neoconservative military policies, seeing both as very real dangers to America and her constitution. While most readers won’t agree with everything that Dr. Paul says here, there are some important issues to discuss, particularly economically and as it concerns foreign spending.

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Dr. Paul argues that we (Americans) have allowed our leaders to pervert our Constitution, wreak havoc upon our economy, and carry out an almost continual war upon nations that have almost no power to fight back.

It is Ron Paul “red meat,” and while there is much in here for conservatives to agree with… there is also much that most conservatives would disagree with.

“… many Americans have become deeply worried as a consequence of the economic crisis that started in 2008. They have lost confidence in their future financial security but continue to deny our nation’s bankruptcy.

This has prompted many to opt for dependency on government even if it requires the use of force to get what they want to ameliorate their fears. Rather than having confidence in the benefits that accrue from a free society, the majority of Americans are now frightened by the thought of self-reliance and accepting the responsibility that comes with liberty.

There has been a steady erosion of confidence over the past 100 years as the American people as a whole have accepted the so-called need for big government to provide safety and security for its citizens. In the process they have readily accepted the personal income tax and the abuse of the IRS along with the illegal power of the money manipulators at the Federal Reserve to pay the bills by simply printing money.” 

 You can read his entire op-ed at the Ron Paul Institute…


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