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Russia: Evidence US Is Guilty Of Destroying Nord Stream Is “More Than A Smoking Gun”

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Published on: February 22, 2023

Russia claims that the evidence proving the United States is guilty of the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines is “more than a smoking gun.” Moscow has long asserted that the destruction of Nord Stream pipelines was an act of international terrorism and needs to be addressed to avoid chaos.”

Most of those with discernment have already come to the conclusion that the U.S. took out the pipelines long before infamous journalist Seymour Hersh wrote his article complete with whistleblower accounts of it.

Nord Stream Sabotage Was US Covert Op: Seymour Hersh Bombshell Prompts White House Response

Author Of Bombshell Nord Stream Report Says It Was “Not Hard To Find”

The Most Likely Saboteur of the Nord Stream Pipeline is the USA

Moscow’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vassily Nebenzia, told the UN Security Council on Tuesday that the act of terrorism needs to be dealt with. Russia has accused Germany, Sweden, and Denmark of a cover-up to shield the US, and said it would only trust a UN investigation, according to a report by RT.

Of Sweden’s investigation, Nebenzia said. “It is quite clear,” that Sweden is “covering up for their American big brother.” If Western countries block Russia’s request for a UN investigation, that will “only shore up our suspicion,” he added.

An Obvious Cover-Up: Sweden Refuses To Share Nord Stream Pipeline Investigation Results With Russia

“We’re not going to do ‘highly likely’ here,” said Nebenzia, referring to the British accusations against Russia in the Security Council chamber in 2018. The publicly available evidence is “more than a smoking gun” that Hollywood is so fond of, but all Moscow wants is an independent international investigation into the claims in Hersh’s article, the Russian diplomat added.

The attack on Nord Stream involved explosives and qualifies as international terrorism under a convention signed in 1997, Nebenzia noted. Unless its perpetrators are found and brought to justice, the attack may well usher in an epoch when transnational undersea infrastructure becomes a legitimate target, which would cause “chaos and terrible damage to all of humanity,” he added. –RT

The Security Council also heard from professor Jeffrey Sachs and retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern, who both testified to Hersh’s bona fides. While the US government rejected Hersh’s narrative as false, it “did not offer any information contradicting Hersh’s account, and did not offer any alternative explanation,” said Sachs. He also called Nuland’s comments about Nord Stream “not at all appropriate in the face of international terrorism.”

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

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