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Donald Trumps U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos Just Signed Onto a Radical Global UN Agenda!

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Published on: May 2, 2019

“Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” -Vladimir Lenin

Donald Trump and U. S. Secretary of Education (?) Betsy DeVos recently signed onto the UN Educational Agenda. This should come as no surprise concerning what this president has promised to the American people and what he is actually done (Matthew 7:16). Let me rehearse some things here that you may have not been yet made aware before hitting this topic in showing you how this current administration operates in that, in the light of day (Luke 12:2)

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President Trump vowed in a video message to the March for Life on Friday to veto any legislation that “weakens the protection of human life.”

“If they send any legislation to my desk that weakens the protection of human life, I will issue a veto and we have the support to uphold those vetoes,” Trump said in the message displayed to a crowd gathered for the annual anti-abortion march in Washington.

“Every child is a sacred gift from God,” Trump said in the message.

Vice President Pence spoke in person at the march, calling Trump a “champion” for abortion opponents.

“President Donald Trump is the most pro-life president in American history,” Pence told the crowd.

This all being said in hopes that no one is actually paying attention to what he just did concerning abortion (Proverbs 6:17).   Do you remember this?

( reported February 9, 2018 – Despite promising to defund Planned Parenthood, President Donald Trump signed a budget Friday, which was passed by the Republican-led Congress, that fully funds the nation’s largest abortion provider.

In a letter to pro-lifers during the election, Trump and Vice President Mike Pence said “I am committed to … Defunding Planned Parenthood as long as they continue to perform abortions, and reallocating their funding to community health centers that provide comprehensive health care for women.

While the budget provides more funding for community health centers, it also fully funds Planned Parenthood.

In fact, Trump has signed multiple continuing resolutions (CRs) that fully funded Planned Parenthood despite his campaign promise to defund it.

The bill was passed in the wee hours of the night (Same thing with the Patriot Act after September 11th, 2001) and complaining they had just seven hours to read the 2,232-page bill, the “length of two Bibles,” Rep. Rod Blum (R-IA), a bill said Senator Rand Paul  “which almost no one read.”

The president plays up to the public that he is in full support of the Second Amendment, and then blatantly attacks it by suggesting after the Parkland shooting that government should first take the guns first and then provide due process.  The president goes on to show his hand by banning bump stocks, as well as nominating gun confiscating advocate William Barr for Attorney General of the United States. In Trump’s first 500 days of incumbency, 55 illegal and unconstitutional legislative acts have stripped Americans of the right to bear arms under 26 governors in which most were Republicans.

‘Not Coming for Your Guns?’ Since Parkland Shooting, 26 States Have Passed 55 Gun Control Laws

I also highlighted the treasonous acts of this administration concerning that of removing NAFTA and replacing it with something far worse. I wrote that the American people have been diverted in keeping their eyes on the southern border concerning illegal immigrants coming into America, but they fail to hold accountable America’s said representatives who are illegally alluring them into your country in the first place. Point man Donald Trump and rivals Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have you heated up over a wall that was promised, which has yet to be built. 

On November 30, 2018, President Trump, along with the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of Mexico, signed the United States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) “Trade Agreement”. “Trade” is in quotes, because the document isn’t about “trade” – it’s about setting up global government. “Agreement” is in quotes because the document is a “treaty” – and that invokes the two-thirds ratification requirement of Art. II, §2, cl. 2, US Constitution.

Kristin Stockheimer wrote at The New American:

Not only is it still alive, it is larger and much worse than NAFTA! The text of the USMCA, according to former U.S. Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman, has portions and chapters of the agreement that are identical to those in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Robert Lighthizer even admitted it is “built on” many TPP aspects. These facets, according to The New American writer Christian Gomez, have the potential to strip the U.S. of its sovereignty: 

Much like the TPP Commission, the Free Trade Commission can make changes to the USMCA without the consent of Congress. In fact, the agreement completely undermines Congress’ Constitutional Article I, Section 8 power to regulate trade with foreign nations.

Additionally, this same administration is being praised by the sodomite communities globally for advocating that which God clearly condemns (Leviticus 18:22, 20:13).

Homosexuals On A Global Scale Are Praising Donald Trump

Politicians have advanced “International Baccalaureate,” an illegal indoctrination scheme through a violation of Article 10 of the Bill of rights which indoctrinates with such a curriculum as:

  1. Earth Worship
  2. Evolution
  3. Socialized Medicine
  4. World Government
  5. Animal Rights (animals seen as bothers and sisters)
  6. Redistribution of American Wealth to other nations
  7. Contraception and “Reproductive Health” (legal abortions
  8. Debt Forgiveness to third world nations
  9. Adoption of the homosexual rights agenda
  10. Elimination of the right to bear arms
  11. Setting aside massive amounts of private land where no human presence is allowed

We also have “No Child Left Un-indoctrinated” where the federal government is indoctrinating (This is the parents’ responsibility, not the government’s – Proverbs 22:6) students across the country to “shoot for the floor” rather than to teach them to aim for the stars (Mark 4:11).  Additionally, a new curriculum called “Common Core” was further created by a bunch of bureaucrats to further dumb down and enslave America’s posterity (Hosea 4:6).

The latest in all of these indoctrination schemes is President Donald Trump’s Secretary of Education handing the said education scheme over to that of the United Nations. reported:

U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos signed on to a radical global “declaration” that calls for, among other absurdities, brainwashing children to believe in the United Nations-backed ideology of total government known as “ ‘sustainable development.” In fact, the pseudo-treaty inked by Trump’s education chief suggests that the purpose of schooling is to indoctrinate children with the right “values” and teach them to be obedient worker drones.

Under the un-American vision agreed to last week in Argentina, the governments purported to commit their nations to globalized brainwashing under the guise of “education.” To be clear, this is a dangerous policy document that, if implemented, will contribute to finalizing the destruction of traditional education in America and replacing it with a total indoctrination program aligned with the systems of some of the world’s most murderous autocracies. Americans should be outraged.

To say the least.

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