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“Safe & Effective”? New Poll Shows 34% of Americans Were Somehow Injured by COVID-19 Injections

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Published on: December 22, 2022

The latest Rasmussen poll has found that a significant number of Americans have been injured by the COVID-19 injections, still falsely being labeled as “vaccines.” Upwards of 12 million Americans have already been seriously injured by the COVID-19 jabs

The poll also found that a shocking 7% of those injuries were major and life-threatening. About one-third of the population has learned the hard way that the government, the media, and the pharmaceutical companies are pathological liars that seek to control, manipulate, and harm, without any remorse or redress.

The ruling class masters in the United States continue to try and convince the public to take these injections too.  The U.S.’s head medical tyrant, Dr. Anthony Fauci, continues to promote the vaccine as highly effective, safe, and life-saving despite mountains of evidence to the contrary. Fauci appears hellbent on defending the experimental gene therapy shots even as grand juries prepare to convene at the state level, investigating vaccine injury, death, and related crimes against humanity.

The latest poll included 1,000 vaccinated Americans from both aisles of the political spectrum. The results show that vaccine injuries are not political; they affect Republicans and Democrats equally. Approximately 7 in 10 American adults said they received at least one dose of a covid-19 vaccine. Of the vaccinated adults, 34% reported a minor side effect, 4% were unsure, and 7% suffered a major side effect. When the data is extrapolated to the entire U.S. population, it becomes clear that upwards of 12 million people suffered a major side effect from the covid-19 vaccines! Of course, these statistics do not include the most serious side effects – debilitation and death – because the mentally incapacitated and the deceased can’t respond to polls. -Natural News

“People are really being harmed by this,” said Rasmussen’s head pollster, Mark Mitchell. “It’s true. It’s out there. People are still trying to cover it up. I think that’s a major story.”

After fighting against two federal lawsuits that sought transparency on vaccine injury, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was forced to release their V-safe data, which includes information on vaccine injury in a pool of about 10 million vaccinated Americans. That data is consistent with the polling recently conducted.

“The V-safe data shows that 33.1% of the people who got the vaccine suffered from a significant adverse event and 7.7% had to seek professional medical care,” Steve Kirsch reported back on October 5th.

It’s beginning to look like these shots were never meant to prevent anything other than a healthy life.

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

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