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Con Man-Salesman Anthony Fauci Was Not Expecting This – Reporter Goes Off Script “I Am Vaccinated But I Also Have Covid” (Video)

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Published on: October 6, 2021

“Then let him own it!”

I am sure it is obvious to others, as it is to me, when it comes to Anthony Fauci as being the only go-to guy when it comes to this said virus.

No one speaks in an objectionable manner to any of what has been taking place through this plandemic except that of Anthony Fauci, and this going on two years now (Jeremiah 11:9).

You have to keep in mind that is how you control the narrative, and when it comes to this plandemic, the pill in the jam is what it is that he is selling (Ephesians 4:14).  Well then, let him own it on national television.

The Gateway Pundit reported: “I’m Vaccinated, But I Also Have Covid – And it Spread Through My Entire Family!” – CNBC Host Grills Fauci on Vaccine ‘Breakthrough’ Cases

Dr. Fauci on Friday was grilled on CNBC about so-called Covid ‘breakthrough’ cases.

“Dr. Fauci, you guys have been pushing the vaccine and I understand why – I’m vaccinated, but I also have Covid and it spread through my entire family in the past few weeks,” CNBC host Sara Eisen said from her home office.

She continued, “And I just wonder about the public messaging around vaccinations. Three vaccinated people got Covid in my house, two unvaccinated children got it. Are you too casual about the limitations of the vaccine? Because it does feel to me that breakthroughs are happening, they’re happening regularly and we haven’t really seen the government pay much attention to them or warn about them!”

Fauci was visibly irritated and tried to interrupt Eisen, but she continued, “We were still able to get it and transmit it! Thank God we’re not in the hospital, I get it, I’m vaccinated but, you can get it and transmit it and the government hasn’t been warning about that!”

Fauci responded in his signature condescending tone: “Oh yes I am! We have said that and let me give you the science and the facts,” Fauci retorted as he rattled off vaccine statistics.

Conclusion: When Anthony Fauci said, “Let me give you the science and the facts,” you can rest assured the opposite was given (Proverbs 19:9).  Consider the source (John 8:44).

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