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Sally Kohn & Homofascist Zealots Must Have Forgotten that Marxists Purge People Like Them before Implementing Their End Game

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Published on: April 11, 2015

Truth Revolt’s Trey Sanchez penned an excellent offering, which addressed lefty Sally Kohn’s latest in Talking Points Memo. Expounding on states such as Indiana passing legislation in the vein of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (in order to protect religious liberties from the rash of lawsuits and government actions against businesses targeted by homofascists for their Christian beliefs), Kohn argued that government doesn’t force anyone to do anything, but that there are consequences for not following the law.

Something about Sharia law (that the left’s Muslim buddies advocate, and which prescribes death for homosexuals) sprang to mind – but there were other things I wanted to address just now…

In her column, Kohn held to the misrepresentation that the Indiana law actually allows discrimination (which is apparently whatever gay activists say it is), and that Christian business people actually want the right to chase any suspected homosexual out of their establishments with fire hoses, while yelling “Git offa mah land, ya faggot!”

I’ve faced off against Sally once or twice on Fox, and while she’s not a class act or anything, being a young, glib, abrasive lesbian, the MSM apparently has her poised to be a media rockstar or something. The point is that her logic in the piece Sanchez took apart – like all of her arguments – is so profoundly flawed that the average Twitter user could dismantle it.

And they did, actually; included in the TR piece were several tweets and Twitchy inclusions pointing out how flawed Kohn’s logic was.

“Logic,” contrary to the belief of some, does not connote “correctness.” Logic can be convoluted or flawed, and often all it takes is a young, glib, abrasive lesbian to intimidate some people into silence.

But not always. This one was my favorite:

What bothered me about her logic – if we must call it that – was something that Kohn, by her own rationale, proved she was simply not savvy enough to recognize.

Zealots such as Kohn are so determined to undermine their Christian “enemies” that they are in fact sowing the seeds of their own doom. If you don’t want to be harassed and forced out of business for your refusal to participate in something religiously repugnant to you, then get out of the business you’re in… This is only the first of many of the left’s devices to incrementally disempower Christians completely, as more and more of their belief system becomes criminalized.

As the homofascist agenda moves forward, for the Christian, there truly is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. We’ve seen in Europe and the UK how the targeting of Christians ultimately worms its way into the church, up the aisle, and right into the pulpit.

Remember that the political left controls the “gay rights” (homofascist) agenda, not homosexuals. Those lovely political devices of disempowering groups are ultimately always used against entire populations – or at least vast segments of populations…

But the “logic” still holds…

If you don’t want to get stuck in an oven, don’t grow up Jewish in Nazi Germany.

If you don’t want to get shot in the head and burned in a pile with a thousand other people, don’t be a teacher.

If you don’t want to be systematically starved to death, don’t be part of that population surplus The State determines we can live without…

And so on…

Zealots like Kohn must be unaware of the history of their beloved political doctrine, because it’s the true believers like them who are always the first to be purged when Marxist leaders implement their end games. It has never failed to occur. Perhaps they’re just to narcissistic to think beyond the desire for their own short-term “gain.”

Who would help to orchestrate their own destruction? Well, I guess all of this means that the Sally Kohns of America have either been obsessively and pathologically swept up in their own zealotry, or they’re utter morons.

But then, I’ve never held that libs hold the intellectual high ground…


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