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San Bernardino Killings Demonstrates Obama & Media Back Our Muslim Enemies

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Published on: December 9, 2015

The San Bernardino, California, killings were an Islamic terrorist attack. Yet, Barack Hussein Obama won’t say it.

Instead, he pushes gun control. But ever since the Paris massacre, that card just doesn’t play. And after San Bernardino, Americans are not about to give up their guns.

More to the point: They don’t believe this president has their best interests at heart.

Obama’s latest approval rating is just 46 percent per the Nov. 24 ABC News/Washington Postpoll. And that was before the San Bernardino killings.

Things have gotten so bad that Obama is forced to make a rare speech from the Oval Office in prime-time Sunday. Here’s what one reader said in response:

“Dude, spare us. Unless you’re going to announce you’re resigning so someone serious and qualified can address these problems, scr– off and leave the rest of this nation alone. …  It’s over, dude. You’re President FAIL. …”

He’s even losing celebrities. Former tennis start Jennifer Capriati unloaded on Obama in a series of tweets on Dec. 4, including:

“It’s unbelievable what’s happening to this world. Obama is trying to destroy this country. First divide the nation, then make us targets.”

Meanwhile, the media rushed to the defense of the perpetrators in San Bernardino. The Washington Post cried, “After Paris and California Attacks, U.S. Muslims Feel Intense Backlash.

P.J. Media pointed out that the article merely points to Muslims’ fear of a backlash!

Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch said she would prosecute those who use “anti-Muslim speech” that “edges toward violence.”

She also urged Muslim parents to contact the feds if their children are bullied at school.

This is the “see something, say something” administration. Yet, Obama has discouraged non-Muslims from contacting law enforcement if they see something troubling about Muslims, by attempting to make little Ahmed the clockmaker a folk hero. Now Loretta Lynch is saying the feds are investigating Ahmed’s arrest.

And Obama and Black Lives Matter have white Americans conditioned to be afraid of telling the truth to blacks or other preferred “minorities.” So it’s not surprising that a neighbor of the San Bernardino killers didn’t report their suspicious activity because he didn’t want to be called a racist.

The feds are going out of their way to minimize the situation. The FBI director said there’s no indication the killers are part of a larger cell. And it took them two days to call the San Bernardino shootings terrorism. Yet, a former FBI counterterrorism expert said the vast majority of U.S. mosques are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.

But Obama still refuses to call the slayings Islamic terror. At least we don’t have to wonder anymore whether he’s a Muslim!

The New York Daily News went into a full left-wing meltdown after the San Bernardino killings. It posted tweets from Ted Cruz and other Republicans who offered prayers for the victims, but who would not accept gun control as a viable solution. Then the paper outdid itself by calling NRA President Wayne La Pierre a terrorist! La Pierre answered the media and Obama with a video smackdown.

Not to be outdone by their fellow New York paper, the New York Times put an editorial on its front page for the first time since 1920, supporting the confiscation of certain types of guns and ammunition.

Nancy Pelosi, whose statements are often so crazy she may be locked up, said Congress has no right to moments of silence unless it supports gun control.

This situation is not about gun control. It’s about Muslim control!

The silver lining in this tragedy is that it shows Obama, many fellow Democrats and the media clearly side with our enemies, and they refuse to stand with the American people.

Obama is still trying to force Syrian refugees into America, even into the area that was just attacked! Killers Syed Farook and his wife, Tashfeen Malik, lived in a townhouse in Redlands, and the city is roiled in a debate over admitting Syrian refugees.

To paraphrase Donald Trump, “Get them the hell outta here!”

What are the lessons we can learn to help prevent future tragedies? Unsurprisingly, Farook’s parents’ divorce records show that Farook grew up in a home “riven by violence.”

The lack of good fathers in the lives of young men who go on to commit terror, or who shoot people in the streets of Chicago, or who promote killing police officers, is all too familiar in our world today.

I’ve written a critically important book about this tragedy called “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame and Victimhood.” Everyone who seeks to understand our current crisis should read it.

Yes, Obama and the media are siding with our enemy, and they must be held to account. But the core problem among all races and religions is the weakness in men that opens the door to the destruction of the souls of their children, perpetrated by the anger inside mothers for the father’s weakness. This is how criminals, murderers and terrorists are formed. That’s the cold, hard truth, and we must face it if we are to restore order in our world.

Order Jesse Lee Peterson’s book, “The Antidote: Healing America from the Poison of Hate, Blame, and Victimhood.”


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