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San Diego Parents Successfully Repel Designated Terror Group CAIR From Classrooms

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Published on: March 26, 2019

Finally, some parents have had it with Islamic terror groups seeking access to their children to indoctrinate them.  Now, if we can only get them away from state indoctrination and move towards true education, we’ll begin to see things truly reversed in the long term.  With that said, parents have stood their ground in California, repelling the Islamic invasion into San Diego schools by designated terror group Hamas-CAIR.

The report comes by way of Freedom of Conscience Defense Fund.

The settlement agreement ensures an equally safe and supportive learning environment for students of all religious beliefs.

Yesterday, FCDF attorneys finalized a settlement agreement with the San Diego Unified School District that resolves a federal lawsuit challenging the District’s “Anti-Islamophobia Initiative.” FCDF representing five families, along with two advocacy organizations, San Diego Asian Americans for Equality and Citizens for Quality Education, sued the District in 2017, alleging that the anti-Muslim bullying program violated the First Amendment because it was religiously preferential.

“Nowhere is religious liberty and equal protection more critical than in our schools,” said Charles LiMandri, FCDF’s Chief Counsel. “We commend the District for taking affirmative steps to ensure that students of all faiths may learn and thrive in a safe and nondiscriminatory environment.”

The District’s Initiative, which was developed in collaboration with the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), mandated training on “how to become allies to Muslim students,” provided for CAIR officials to teach students about Islamic religious practices, and authorized the Islamic group to revise school curricula to ensure more a “inclusive” portrayal of Islam.

The complaint alleged that the Initiative violated the Constitution because it (1) singled out Muslim students for preferential benefits and (2) empowered CAIR with governmental decision-making authority, thereby constituting government entanglement with religion.

Under the terms of the settlement agreement, the District distributed a policy memo to area superintendents and principals regarding the First Amendment’s “limits on the conduct of public school officials as it relates to religious activity.” These directives include:

To address religious preferentialism:

  • “Educators should treat each religion with equal respect, with the time and attention spent discussing each religion being proportionate to its impact on history and human development and the material presented in its historical context.”

  • “Educational material on religious subjects must be neutral and may not be presented in a manner that promotes one religion over another.”

In response to CAIR’s activism:

  • “Educators or other staff sponsoring guest speakers at District events must ask them not to use their position or influence on students to forward their own religious, political, economic or social views or and shall take active steps to neutralize whatever bias has been presented.”

  • “Guest speakers from religious organizations are not permitted to present to students on religious topics.”

“Every child, regardless of their race or religion, should be able to attend school without fear of being harassed and bullied,” said Frank Xu, Vice President of San Diego Asian Americans for Equality.  “We are pleased that the District has agreed to take these steps to ensure that all students attending San Diego schools are equally protected under the Constitution without discrimination or preferential treatment.”

“It is paramount schools at every level not only provide a quality education for children but also ensure a safe and impartial environment in which to learn their lessons,” added Mary Baker, President of Citizens for Quality Education San Diego.  “Biased outside groups, such as CAIR, have no business influencing policies in our public schools. We hope this agreement will encourage school districts nationwide to reject appeals to build coalitions offered by controversial sectarian organizations.”

FCDF filed the complaint in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California. The case is titled Citizens for Quality Education San Diego, et al. v. Richard Barrera, et al., Case No. 3:17-cv-1054. Now that the parties have settled, they filed a joint motion asking the Court to dismiss the case. Yesterday, the court granted the motion and dismissed the case with prejudice.

Pamela Geller reminds us that San Diego still has a “severe” CAIR problem.

I agree that all children need to not face bullying no matter their background.  The only place I disagree here is in the section of respecting all religions as equal.  They simply are not.  Historically, the united States, while often providing a short synopsis of what world religions believed and even some history, was clearly in favor of teaching the Bible in schools.

Our founders provided Bibles and hymnals as the curriculum in schools in AmericaThe Bible was the primary instrument of education in early America.

In fact, the New England Primer, which was also used in early America, was filled with Biblical references.

All religions are not equal.  There can only be one that is true, and that fact cannot be disputed.  Furthermore, no one, and I mean no one, believes the nonsense that all religions are equal.  No one believes the worship of Molech should be practiced today, even though many are murdering their own babies through abortion.  No one believes the religion of the ancient Mayans should be practiced in America.  No one, except devout Muslims, believes that the true Islam as taught by Muhammad should actually be practiced in America today.  In fact, the vast majority of humanity would oppose it anywhere.

Therefore, everyone knows that religions are not all equal and they do not bear the same message.  Only in Christianity does God not only forgive sinners who repent of their sins (violations of His law), but he saves them from their sins, cleanses them, makes them new and clothes them in righteousness because of the life and death of another on their behalf, the Lord Jesus Christ… and He does this all by grace, not by how good man thinks he can be.  Because the truth is, man can never be good enough to meet the standard God has established.

Once upon a time when America was truly great, it was great because of the Bible and the God of the Bible was revered.  If we want America to be great again, then stop listening to the politicians and start turning back to the Bible and repenting before the God of the Bible.  Don’t just push the Islamists out and leave the vacuum of secular humanism.  Restore true education by restoring it in the home and restoring it with the Bible.

In the meantime, this is a small victory to celebrate.

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