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Saudi Soccer Team Refuses to Observe Moment of Silence for London Islamic Jihad Victims

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Published on: June 9, 2017

Here is another reason for asking why we have anything to do with Saudi Arabia, a country that produces and funds Islamic terrorists and mosques throughout the world.  During the World Cup qualifier at Adelaide Oval Stadium in South Australia Saudi Arabia and Australia were to face off, but when it came time to show respect for victims of the Islamic jihad attack in London, the Saudis could have cared less.

The moment of silence was to remember two young Australian women, Sara Zelenak and Kirsty Boden, who died as a result of the attack on Saturday evening.

The Saudis openly expressed that they would not be participating in that moment of silence.

While the team did not line up, Peacock did say that that the Saudi players remained still during the minute, but team captain Osama Hawsawi continued to do warm ups.

Many on social media decided to chime in on what they believed to be a disgraceful act by the Saudis.

John Seaton tweeted, “Absolute disgrace Saudi Arabia’s national football team refuse to take part in minutes silence for victims of london in game with Australia”

Babaks added, “I can not understand them.  They are incapable for 1 minute of silence in respect of the humanity!”

Trita Parsi commented, “This says a lot. Australia-Saudi WorldCup qualifier. Australian team observes minute of silence for victims of attack. Saudis don’t.”

Nashat tweeted, “Just when you thought Saudi Arabia couldn’t be any more of a disease, they refuse a minute’s silence vs. Australia for London victims. Scum.”

The Saudis were booed by Australian fans for ignoring a show of respect.

While I grant the players have the right to just disregard the entire thing, it does make you wonder why in the world the US has anything at all to do with the Saudis.  Is it really just oil?  After all, we are exporting far more oil than we import.  We could simply be self-sustaining, but I’m guessing it is probably tied more closely to the petrodollar.  Without that, our dollar would lose virtually the remaining value it has.

What do you think?  Think the Saudis were respectful or just showing some support for their fellow jihadis?

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