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SC Teacher who engaged in Adultery with 2 Male Students gets sentenced to…

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Published on: January 8, 2015

Former honors English teacher Kinsley Wentzky of South Carolina, who engaged in adulterous acts with two male students at Derher High School in 2011 and 2012, has received a suspended sentence of three years probation.

After pleading guilty in October to two counts of sexual battery with the two students, ages 16 and 17, with no force or coercion, she was finally sentenced to five years in prison, but that sentence was suspended to three years of probation.

According to WND, she will also be “placed on the Central Registry of Child Abuse/Neglect and seek mental-health counseling.”

Wentzky, who is now 36, was 34 years old at the time of her arrest. She was said to be a “happily married” mother of two and had been a teacher for 10 years and seven years were at Derher High School.

According to The State, “She earned a bachelor’s degree in secondary education English from Clemson University where she graduated magna cum laude. She also has a master’s degree in speech language pathology from USC. She graduated from Westside High School in Anderson.

“South Carolina’s sexual battery with a student law specifically addresses relationships between teachers and students who are 16 or 17 years old,” The State added. “Sixteen is the age of consent in the state. Battery is a legal term that deals with a person’s right to have their bodies left alone by others; it does not imply physical violence was involved.”

She was then placed on paid leave while an investigation was performed and days later she was fired by the Richland District 1 school board. Her teaching certificate was also suspended by the South Carolina Department of Education on January 9, 2013.

Both Wentzky and the 17-year-old admitted in sworn statements that they had an adulterous sexual relationship that they referred to as “intimate.” The allegations of another adulterous relationship involving a 16-year-old, were made by his parents at the end of December 2012 to the school’s principal.

The heart of the matter in this particular situation is that the married woman took advantage of younger men and abandoned her sacred covenant to her husband and God. God’s law condemns adultery no matter the age, and that should have been the issue here.

You shall not commit adultery.

I continue to find it interesting that in not one article I read concerning this issue did anyone even begin to address this as an adultery issue. The state provides for 16 year old to consent to both marriage and intercourse, but not if it’s a person in authority. That is just plain two-faced, if you ask me.

However, this is just one of a plethora of events just like it that take place in our nation’s public indoctrination centers. WND provided a very long list of female teachers who engaged their students in sex, some fornicating while others were clearly crossing the line of adultery. I’m sure the list of males is just as long if not longer.

However, the more pressing issue is the moral one of adultery. This is what should be upheld in the society, but sadly the Church has even gone along with the vernacular of the society and referred to adultery as an “affair,” and failed to deal with sinning members of their own congregations who engage in adultery. How can we expect for a proper understanding of marriage and right discipline of government if the Church won’t teach and discipline the issue of adultery in the manner God has prescribed?

And people say they want a society and government without God. This is just another example of what you get when you go that route.

Before anyone starts ranting at me about “casting the first stone” and “judge not least ye be judged,” read this article and this article and get a proper understanding of context of both of those passages that are often maligned in order to silence those pointing out the truth. Then join me in calling for both Mr. Wentzky’s repentance, as well as the repentance of these two young men instead of attempting to sweep it under the rug as though sin is permissible.

Parents, I continually plead with you to love your kids enough to pull them from the public school system and teach them on your own as God commanded (Deuteronomy 6). If you feel the cost is too much, consider what you are putting your kids into and the moral dangers they face and remember that there are free education curriculum to help you get started doing what you need to do to educate your kids at home.

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