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School Choice: The KI$$ of Death

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Published on: July 16, 2019

Do not allow ‘30 pieces of silver’ to be used to betray our country. Choice is the kiss of death. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is serving up America’s kids on a tax-credit scholarship platter. The future of the Republic hangs on the edge of political upheaval.

Tax-Credit Scholarships are “the Trojan horse” of today. (Iserbyt). The vote for Socialism is near. The movement toward a managed economy is accelerating with the loss of sovereignty at the federal, state, and local government levels. Elected officials will be pushed out leaving only unelected councils. States’ rights will be shattered. No one will realize the havoc this will cause to our nation until it is too late.

Beware. Regulations were published in the Federal Register to control all schools in the nation.(Source: ) Secretary DeVos has been criss-crossing across the country in support of CHOICE. Her remarks are deceptive. She does not explain the federal strings attached to this public source of funding. (Source:  DeVos has an ulterior motive to unwind Blaine Amendments in every state constitution which forbids public funds to support religious schools. She wants federal control of all schools, private and religious schools included. She’s on a mission.

Did Betsy mention datamining in her Tax-Credit Scholarship crusade when talking about all this freedom and money she is giving away while traveling to charter schools across the country? Do you realize that your child will be defined as “MIGRATORY” to be able to be identified, labeled, and monitored as moving from their school of residence to another school, called MSIX, Migrant Student Information Exchange developed for migrant workers?  It’s all in these new regulations. Betsy DeVos is a modern day Benedict Arnold.

The nation is being prepared for the $5 billion Tax- Credit Scholarships named in President Trump’s budget and Senator Ted Cruz’s S 634. Federal Tax-Credit Scholarships will regionalize your local taxes and DeVos plans on stomping out Blaine Amendments across the country to see her plan to its end.

Everyone wants a choice to educate their children. But, please do not move forward to support THIS CHOICE until you have read the fine print. Every private and religious school must be contacted. Every Democrat, every Republican, every American must be contacted to vote NO on the Tax-Credit Scholarships. Every child will be a CHOICE Title I CHILD. America will be caught in this trap. Betsy DeVos’s mantra of freedom are words that have no meaning. They are lies.

  • Representative government will be destroyed by eliminating your locally elected representatives.
  • Title I Schoolwide benefits ALL children not just poor children.
  • Federal Tax-Credit Scholarship money goes directly to parental ESA’s eliminating states’ rights to control the budget.
  • Property rights will be revamped by redistributing tax money from wealthy school districts.
  • Your tax money follows a child directly into other schools or to other school districts that will regionalize your tax base called Title I supplement not supplant.
  • Children will be psychoanalyzed and conditioned toward global citizenship.
  • Tax free money for business and industry to access our children as a commodity will have a 100% tax write-off that is staggering.
  • This vision will destabilize education, destabilize the equity in your property, regionalize your tax base, and collapse the public school system in favor of Common Core, CHOICE, and charter schools forced on ALL schools.
  • This plan will ultimately control private and religious schools, day care centers, home schools, and charter schools creating a federal taskmaster (ombudsman) for all schools when the Tax-Credit Choice Scholarships are passed in the budget.
  • Betsy’s plan is to collapse Blaine Amendment bans on public funding of religious institutions while she welcomes religious schools with open arms enabling them to accept public money but controlled by the federal government. 

Please refer to the following Q & A for answers of how Tax-Credit Scholarships will work: See reference documentation and page numbers that direct you to the answers at the end of this article. 

How will every child be labeled as Title I and eligible for scholarship money? 

The marketing hoopla for Tax-Credit Scholarships use poor children as a means to get support. However, the truth is your public school applies for a schoolwide waiver. This means federal law would be waived for the 40% poverty level and would be removed. 40% of children on free and reduced lunch is needed to cover an entire school called schoolwide. Removing the poverty level means every child in that school becomes a “poor” disadvantaged Title I child when the 40% restriction is lifted. Every child in that school can now apply for those scholarships. This is the exodus and they take your share of tax money with them. 

What is supplement not supplant in Title I? 

Supplement not supplant is the 50/50 share of funding for the total expense for a child to be enrolled in a private school that goes into effect this year. Any school operating under Title I schoolwide must have matching state and local funds that would otherwise be used for Title I children. These funds cannot supplant Title I tax-credit scholarship federal funds. Funds must be made available from non-Federal sources for that school. Your school must supplement the pool of funding (the other 50% of the scholarship) proving that your local and state tax money will “follow the child” into another school, another district, or another state. Your tax money is spread out to other locations which pushes the idea of regionalizing your tax base. As your neighborhood school financially collapses by regionalizing the tax base, you will no longer have an elected representative in your district creeping us closer to socialism. 

Will there be a “church vs. state” issue if religious schools accept the federal Tax-Credit Scholarship/Title I children? How will equitable services be provided to them?

The US Supreme Court will decide this fall if religious schools can accept Tax-Credit scholarship funding in the 37 states that have a Blaine Amendment in their Constitution. The Montana Supreme Court became the first in the country to invalidate a tax-credit scholarship program because of the Blaine Amendment in their Constitution. Be watching this extremely important states’ rights issue as the US Supreme Court takes up this issue in Montana’s Constitution that forbids state aid to religious organizations. This issue is crucial for DeVos to upend representative government and control all religious schools along with all private schools. (Source:,  (Until the Supreme Court rules, only private schools can accept Tax-Credit Scholarships. If the Supreme Court rules favorably, I have included (and religious) schools in parenthesis to be added where I have indicated. )

Until the US Supreme Court makes a ruling for religious schools, private schools accepting Tax-Credit Scholarships will be transmitted through a parent ESA, education savings account, that diverts federal money that is placed directly in the parent’s ESA. However, the funding is still received as a public source and public dollars because the child is Title I. The Title I child is mandated to receive public, equitable services. 

Eligible recipients (Title I disadvantaged children) “cannot be disqualified from a public benefit solely because of their religious character.”  An LEA may enter into a contract with a religious organization to provide equitable services on the same basis as any other entity. (Trinity Lutheran Church of Columbia, Inc. v. Comer, 137 S. Ct. 2012 (2017) These services must be secular, neutral, and non-ideological, yet equitable to public school services. 

How is your Title I child determined to be At-Risk or At-Risk of failing? 

The Department will continue to enforce all other applicable provisions of federal law in ESSA. Private (and religious) schools will be forced to take state-administered or national tests. A needs assessment (state assessment, ACT,  which was part of the bench-marking for Common Core, and National Assessment of Educational Progress, NAEP) must be administered to see if your child is meeting Common Core and Social and Emotional mental health goals.

Teachers will be trained to screen children through special education teams, psychologists, social workers, or outside contractors. This determination is used to implement interventions mandated in ESSA yet carried out through IDEA, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.  Equitable services called “direct student services” are legally provided in the law. Teachers will be re-trained in: Response to Intervention, Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports, Multi-tiered System of Supports, Early Intervening Services, Universal Design for Learning …all behavioral conditioning. Do not be snookered into thinking grit or resilience is not mental health or social and emotional learning. They are deceptive terms. Collectivism is a huge part of Common Core. Rugged individualism is out. 

How will private (and religious) schools be forced to teach Common Core and Social and Emotional Learning, SEL? 

Your private (or religious school) will be registered as a charter school through a charter school management system. An ombudsman (overseer) will be named to your school. A plan will be determined to change the curriculum and teacher training towards Common Core and SEL. Private (and religious) school teachers will be re-trained to use data from testing, assessments, and observations all tallied in a profile demanded by the ombudsman and logged into state computer systems aligned with the federal data system. A complaint may possibly be filed that would give your school time to come up to speed with ESSA mandates for teacher training, data collection, and changes in the curriculum. Otherwise, your charter will be withdrawn if you do not comply. 

How can private (and religious) schools bypass Common Core and SEL? 

They can’t. The rules and regulations in ESSA must be carried out for Title I children. Equitable funding and equitable services must be used for private (and religious) school children. The Tax-Credit scholarships use PUBLIC money, therefore, federal strings are attached. The regulations refer to this choice as meaningful public school choice and the interventions are referred to as direct student services. Equitable services = equal funding. It’s the child, not the money.

Most private (and religious) schools do not monitor their children through the federal data system. How will private (and religious) schools be forced to collect data on the enrolled Tax-Credit Scholarship children and what type of data will be required to be collected? 

Private and religious schools are already in the main federal data base. However, not all student data is transferred to the fed system. Their data system must be expanded and cross-walked over to the federal system. Defined and explicit data elements from NCES (National Center for Educational Statistics) are standardized across the nation and was guided through the Migrant Student Record Transfer System, 1991. (Source: Hoge Talking Papers; Technology grants from state departments of education will oversee the data transformation process with Deloitte monitoring the interface transfer process called MSIX, Migrant Student Information Exchange. (Source: )

Personally identifiable information, including, education, health, mental health, and career data must be collected on individual students and individual teachers to monitor compliance. HIPAA and FERPA student privacy protections continue to be convoluted with this sensitive data being collected under weakened education FERPA guidelines. Every child and every teacher will receive a unique national ID that will be used in algorithms to cross match and pinpoint who is not meeting national goals (feedback loop control). This entire system, a total picture of private (and religious) school children, will be added to the state longitudinal data system in every state. 3rd party contractors will have total access to datamine private (and religious) school children because of loopholes in FERPA. Evidence-based data solutions toward national goals is a must for every child. 

How will the federal government monitor the money that “follows the child” to other schools and other school districts? 

The Migrant Student Information Exchange System, MSIX, will be used to track Tax-Credit Scholarship children. If the federal government can “follow” migrant” workers and their children wherever they work, this system will be used to monitor all CHOICE TITLE I CHILDREN wherever they go to school which merges with the federal system. This system of identifying and datamining all children and monitoring their TOTAL EDUCATION PROFILES was developed from the Migrant Student Information Exchange System, MSIX, and was expanded Womb To Tomb thru state longitudinal data systems. This total picture of a child includes, education, health, and career. Tax-Credit Scholarships were the last remaining lynchpin to encapsulate every child, especially from private (and religious) schools, homeschools and daycare centers, and will be entered into the national data base.

I exposed this system of surveillance and FERPA illegal data collection in 2014 “womb to workforce” with a Press Release and Memorandum to former Governor Corbett of Pennsylvania. (Source:

This new CENSUS will include every person in the United States in a complete psychometric dossier, the new CENSUS. 

How are private (and religious) school children counted for equitable services that must be provided to them? 

A child’s residence in a school district is used to determine the new proportional share for equitable services prior to an LEA’s making within-district allocations to public school attendance areas and schools.

What will happen to our public schools and public school teachers when our neighborhood schools collapse under the weight of the exodus of Tax-Credit Scholarship children? 

Your neighborhood school will be turned into a charter school under a charter management system once our tax system is regionalized. All teachers will be hired from the state level since elected school board members would be removed from their positions when public schools fail financially and they are forced to match 50% of funding for all scholarship children who enroll in other schools, school districts, or another state.

Please share this information about Tax-Credit Scholarships and Betsy DeVos.

It’s not too late unless you do nothing.

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Link: Page numbers from the original Federal Register white paper: LINK: 

Link: Original Federal Register WhitePaper: 

Link: Supplement Not Supplant Guidance, 2019-the 50/50 share of funding tax credit scholarships: 

Link Published Federal Register:

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