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School Fools: “Private School At Home” Is A Rip Off – How One Parent’s Concern Helped Uncover A Money-Making Scheme

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Published on: August 18, 2020

Anti Fed Ed Warriors, recently I was asked to look into a school advertising itself as a ‘private school at home’.
The concerned homeschool parent was curious if this school was part of the CCSS Machine.

Well, if there’s one thing I’ve learned as a researcher, it’s that knowledge isn’t good enough to keep it to yourself. You get the most out of knowledge by sharing it. Add to this, that, we are battling the CCSS Machine to save our children, and the knowledge becomes a weapon.

Knowledge Schools:

Knowledge Schools
Warriors, what can I tell you about the Knowledge Schools? It is the school the concerned parent was questioning.
I can also share with you that they ‘sell’ personalized learning.

As I’ve shown you in the past, PL (Personalized Learning) is a data mining trap. Back in 2019, I exposed the ‘new’ twist on education being sold as PL. It was ‘mind numbing’ then AND has only increased as the AI (Artificial Intelligence) continues to control education. As we know, AI, seeks to control EVERYTHING about our lives, not simply education.

So, when a school advertises it’s private school at home WITH personalized learning, it’s a trap.

I was asked if the Knowledge Schools are part of the CCSS Machine. Well, look below:

Knowledge Schools are part of the CCSS Machine

Warriors, you can do a quick internet search on each of these curriculum providers and find their CCSS ties either on their home pages, research tabs, privacy statements, or, their app selections for your phone. Some will say they comply with privacy policies such as FERPA. However, the privacy laws have been gutted and the flood gates for data tracking is there.

I also noticed, in looking at each of these providers, costs were always there. Knowledge Schools also charges you for their service. So, just WHAT do Knowledge Schools do, then, besides align children to the CCSS Machine?
The name suggests more than one location, so are they in different locations? No, according to the CA Dept. of EducationKnowledge Schools has a single address.

CA lists Knowledge Schools under private schools
To see how CA private schools have to answer to federal funding (if received), go here.
So why a plural name when a single location is a reality? Warriors, it could be the group behind this on-line service has plans to expand. It could also be the service is being a bit deceptive by counting your home as a school location.

Frankly, there’s not too much information on their website or on social media. The school(s) can be easily confused by another CCSS Machine aligned school/group: Core Knowledge.

The start date for this school(s) was early July 2020.  So, how can we find out more about this school? Look no further than the administrator’s name: Krista Kastriotis.

Krista Kastriotis:

Knowledge Enlightens You
Warriors, in the image above, Kastriotis is shown under the “Knowledge Enlightens You Corporation” as the Executive Director. What IS the Knowledge Enlightens You Corporation? A charter school! According to the website, the Corporation began in 2012 and showed activity as recent as 2018. Look below:

Open990 Knowledge Enlightens You Corporation is not quality education

While Kastriotis isn’t listed on the Knowledge Enlightens You Corporation’s Key Charter Academy, one of the other officers for the Corporation serves as a Board Member of the Charter School.

Key Charter Academy
As recently as July 2020, the Key Academy Board Meeting included discussion on Title One funds. Because of Title One, this school receives federal dollars and must comply with the ESSA, Every Student Succeeds Act.

Key Educational Group:

Warriors, you can also find Kastriotis as part of the Key Educational Group. What does this group do? It uses ‘local education’ to start charter schools.

lazy_placeholderThink about this. Local education with centralized control, not necessarily including the parents, but these board members who are making millions. Charters receiving federal funds and all the strings which are attached. THIS is NOT LOCAL education, Warriors!

You can also find the Key Educational Group involved with special education in CA. Go here to see them included among other schools. You can also find the Key Educational Group listed as a partner on the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Tied to this National Alliance is CCSS Machine member, Jeb Bush.


Warriors, we’ve seen it a million times: the CCSS Machine posing to have your children in mind, your input included, and, the scheme of local control bastardized. Private companies are more concerned about using schools as money makers, not educational influencers. Posing as ‘private school at home’ is the newest version of the CCSS Machine’s snake oil sales pitch. Another sales pitch for public charters during COVID, is that they are better equipped to reach your student virtually. Don’t fall for it!

Remember, public charter schools ARE fascist in nature. Using public funds and private groups to run them. This setup kills the local taxpayer’s voices.


Article posted with permission from Lynne Taylor

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