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School Forces Kids to Drop Their Pants – Parents Outraged

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Published on: January 29, 2015

In a story that is enough to make one’s blood boil, a Texas school is coming under fire from parents after the school forced twenty children to pull their pants down for an underwear inspection. The reason? They found feces on the gym floor and want to discover whose it was.

Students at Gustine Elementary in Gustine, Texas was shocked and embarrassed when they were separated out and forced to drop their pants in a partial strip search after the school staff repeatedly found feces on the school gym floor.

According to Maria Medina, mother of eleven-year-old Eliza, one of the girls who was searched, the boys and girls were separated into two rooms and ordered to “pull down their pants to check them to see if they could find anything.”

Eliza told WFAA, “I felt uncomfortable, and I didn’t want to do it. I felt like they violated my privacy.”

While Eliza’s mother said she can understand school officials frustration with the issue they are dealing with, she rejects the notion that strip search was in order.

“I was furious… I mean, I was furious,” Medina said. “If you can’t do your job or you don’t know what you’re doing, you need to be fired. You shouldn’t be here.”

School District Superintendent Ken Baugh said that what the school did went too far.  “That’s not appropriate, and we do not condone that. So you would take disciplinary action.”

However, when the investigation began, Baugh said he understood that the children were to lower their pants “just a little.”

Eliza said it went much further than that.

“Like… to where your butt is,” she said.

The problem is that in school, there shouldn’t be strip searches, whether a little or a lot. No parent was notified, making this a much more serious issue. Something more deviant is going on here and Eliza’s mother knows it and has deemed it unacceptable.

“Wrong is wrong,” Medina said.

On Thursday evening, parents will be showing up at the school board and demanding that those involved be held accountable.

Baugh, however, seems to be capitulating in the matter. “Maybe we can find a much better way to solve this,” he said.

Parents, first you need to get your kids out of these public indoctrination centers where they are taking advantage of your children both in mind and body. Second, you need to start homeschooling them (Deut. 6). Finally, you do not have to take this school board’s decision in the matter. In fact, you should be pressing charges against every single staff member who participated in this unlawful act along with any school administrator who authorized it.

You can contact the Gustine Independent School District here to let your voice be heard.

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