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School Teachers: Stalin Was Not That Bad

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Published on: February 11, 2017

You do not have to have an extensive knowledge of history to be acquainted with the terror that was Soviet Russia under the tyrant Joseph Stalin. But like most horrible ideologies, communists are seeking to whitewash their bloody history.

In Western schools, we are seeing a trend of this kind of propaganda to our children. We wonder why our children are being poisoned against their parents and their past, while we continue to hand them over to their socialist school masters.

Breitbart reports:

Stalin wasn’t all bad, you know.

But let’s not forget the upsides: he “ended the exploitation of peasants by greedy landlords and to rid of the greedy and troublesome kulaks”‘ and he “helped peasants work together”.

This, amazingly, is what children are being taught in British schools. The quotations come from the GCP GCSE Modern World History revision guide and indicate the kind of answers kids are expected to give in their history exams when talking about Stalin’s collectivisation of farms.

How could such an outrageous falsehood be allowed to be taught to our children? As James Delingpole so aptly points out, it is because there is nothing to prohibit this kind of thing. And parents have little to no choice in the matter.

Delingpole continues:

Partly because in Britain – as in the U.S., where Betsy DeVos has arrived as Education Secretary not a moment too soon – schools have been skewed by the values of the public sector which, like those of public sectors everywhere, are unerringly left wing.

Very few parents would wish their child to be taught that Stalin had his upsides. But few get much choice in the matter because there is no competitive market in schools: bad teachers are rarely sacked (as they would be in private sector industries, but not in the heavily unionised state sector) and if the school in your area is failing and teaching your children badly there’s probably nowhere else nearby you can move them.

As R. J. Rushdoony pointed out many decades ago, the government school has to promote left-wing values out of a desire for self-preservation. It is an understanding that is statist and socialist that keeps such people employed.

Compounding this problem is the monopoly that the government has on the education of the children. Again, many years ago, Rushdoony pointed out the need for an open market for education. It is not Christian education per se that is going to save education in our country, but the right and ability to compete for students.

Let the product and quality of education determine. But, this will leave the “free educators” out on their bums for in a truly competitive market the ineptitude of current academia would be exposed, and no one would stand or pay for such nonsense.

This is a near impossible dream, but, we must continue to fight for it is the only hope to save our children.

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