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SEALs Chaplain Dismissed for Providing Christian Advice Concerning Sin

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Published on: March 24, 2015

It is hard to imagine that there would ever be a time in the history of our country when we would have no practical need for chaplains in the military. What would it be like, or worse what kind of society would we be, if we did not need chaplains in our military? Well, look around friend. That time has almost arrived. As I earlier reported, there has been a move to reprimand or remove a chaplain from service. Navy Chaplain Wesley Modder received a “detachment for cause.” He had run into the problem of having conviction in a pluralistic Navy.


He is in danger of losing his job. The reason is that he has been accused of not respecting the religious beliefs of others.

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Now, Christian News reports:

A U.S. Navy official who issued a “detachment for cause” to a chaplain who is under fire for his counsel against fornication and homosexuality has now also denied a religious accommodation request from the chaplain.

By this request, Modder was seeking to save his job and his pension. The Navy officer cited several reasons for not granting Modder’s request.

Navy Capt. Jon Fahs, NNPTC commander, said that Modder was, “intolerant and “unable to function in the diverse and pluralistic environment.”

“In your case, I find that your ability to express your religious beliefs during pastoral counseling has not been restricted or substantially burdened,” he wrote in his response letter. “Rather, the decision to relieve you from your duties was based upon your failure to uphold the core capabilities of chaplains … and the professional standards of conduct … ”

Specifically, under the core capability of ‘care,’ you have the duty to be sensitive to the religious, spiritual, moral, cultural and personal differences of those you serve,” Fahs continued. “Your inability to comfort and counsel in a manner that was respectful of the counselee while maintaining dignity and professionalism … led you to be relieved of your duties.”

Now, we should note that anyone who has any clue what a chaplain is, should immediately understand that this causes some problems for the person fulfilling those duties. Who are these sailors seeking advice or counsel from? Is it not a chaplain, a minister?  And, if he fulfilled those duties as his commander seems to expect, he would be no different than a psychologist/psychiatrist.  Hence, what good would he be?  None. There would be no practical reason to have a chaplain that is no more and no less than a psychologist/psychiatrist.  Though some may argue that this kind of counseling is exactly what our serving men and women need, this could not be further from the truth.

If a serviceman or woman wanted to have their feelings heard or confirmed, they can do that without a chaplain.  But if a service person wants to know why his/her whole unit is lost and they survived, or why there is suffering in this world, they will be left without hope of an answer with a psych-major.  The psych-major only has the answer that is inside of them; in other words, their own opinion.  When you are in spiritual conflict, what good is someone opining on what others have said?  No, what these people need is God’s Word and the hope therein.

But this is not possible in a pluralistic organization or society.  As I pointed out in the original article, “There is no way around the fact that two or more belief systems will come into conflict with one another.”

Somebody’s god will win out. In this case, it is the god of this land that is winning, “We the People.” This false god that has replaced the God of the Bible is the idol that is ruling the military. If it were not so, then, this man would not be facing dismissal. But the fight is not over.

Christian News writes:

The Texas-based Liberty Institute, which is providing legal assistance to Modder, says that it will appeal the decision.

“They (the complainants) were looking for someone to simply tell them what they wanted to hear. And when they didn’t hear what they wanted to hear, they complained,” said attorney Mike Berry.

If God does not turn the hearts of our judges, they do not stand a chance. It is neither popular nor politically prudent to side with the Scriptures. This means no matter what Military Law or the Constitution says, plurality and diversity will win. This can only mean silencing the Christian, which means, Modder will lose.


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