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Seattle Mayor Compares Armed Occupation Of Her Own City To A ‘Block Party’

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Published on: June 13, 2020

If this doesn’t tell you who the domestic terrorists are in this country nothing will.  This is exactly why Congress must do its job, along with the states and rebuild the Constitutional militia and the people need to demand it.  It is their purpose to “execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions” (Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 & 16, US Constitution).

President Trump knows it’s domestic terrorism, but his approach is unconstitutional, or at least what he has threatened, which is the use of the military.

Here’s more.

BREAKING: Seattle mayor compares armed occupation of her own city to a ‘block party’

By The Post Millennial, June 11, 2020

Police in Seattle returned to the East Precinct which was abandoned when Antifa-led protestors took over a six-block area of the city earlier this week. On Thursday afternoon, officers entered the precinct and tensions remain high at this hour.

During a joint press conference with Chief of Police Carmen Best and Mayor Jenny Durkan, Durkan blamed Trump and his narrative for everything that’s happening in downtown Seattle. She denied that there are armed militants, even though press has covered it.

Durkan compared the abandoning of the East Precinct and the the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone to a block party.

When asked about the occupation, she said, “We’ve had blocks of Seattle and Capitol Hill shut down every summer from everything from block parties to Pride and this is really not much of an operational challenge.”

Reports from Chief of Police Carmen Best during the conference confirmed that her visit to the precinct today was just an inspection. Best would not say whose decision it was to abandon the precinct, but confirmed that it wasn’t hers. She also said that she stood by her decision to use flash bangs and tear gas and other crowd dispersal devices to protect public safety.

Neither the Chief nor mayor will be resigning.  Durkan said “We thought about having our Thelma and Louise moment but decided against it.”

Best said that there are no plans as yet to take back the area, and there is no timeline for doing so. Mayor said to those call the Capitol Zone autonomous, that it has always been autonomous ever since she was a kid.

The Capitol Zone falls within the district of City Councilperson Kshama Sawant, who joined protestors in their takeover of City Hall on Tuesday night.

In her own missive to the Seattle Police Department, Best addressed her officers, saying “SPD family, I say that because that is what you are. You are my family. And family is honest with each other, and family has tough times, but in the end we always remain family.

And then there are these two useful idiots.

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