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Seattle takes Lead on Gun Violence from Chicago

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Published on: December 25, 2015

It is hard to imagine a more violent place than Chicago, Illinois. The death rate there is astronomical, and they are clearly the murder capital of Americaaccording to the Daily Beast. You would be hard pressed to point to Chicago as a reason to have stricter gun laws. Chicago is the capital of modern liberal politics. There are few, if any, cities with stricter gun laws. Despite this, the City of Seattle, Washington has borrowed from Chicago to deal with their own rising gun violence.

Fox reports:

A judge upheld Seattle’s so-called gun violence tax Tuesday, rejecting a challenge from the National Rifle Association and other gun rights groups.

King County Superior Court Judge Palmer Robinson dismissed arguments that Seattle’s tax, adopted last summer, exceeded the city’s authority under state law.

The measure — one of only a couple of its kind in the nation — adds $25 to the price of each firearm sold in the city, plus 2 or 5 cents per round of ammunition, depending on the type. Officials expect it to raise up to $500,000 a year to help offset the costs of gun violence. The measure is set to take effect next month.

The law, like much the Left does, will do little if anything to solve the problem. Rather, it will make it more expensive for honest citizens to protect themselves. This is the same tactic used to get Americans to quit smoking. The idea is to make it too costly to purchase. The difference is that gun ownership is a constitutionally protected right.

Fox continued:

Officials say the direct medical costs of treating 253 gunshot victims at Harborview Medical Center in 2014 totaled more than $17 million. Taxpayers paid more than $12 million of that. City officials estimate the new tax would bring in $300,000 to $500,000 a year, but gun shop owners told council members those numbers were inflated. They said the law would cost them customers and sales and could force them to move out of the city.

And here is the problem for these Leftists, they will actually lose money on this deal. Over time, business owners will lose business and will be forced to relocate. This will have a twofold effect on city revenue.

They will lose the taxes from sales and from the taxes these businesses pay. They will also lose the money spent by those coming to the city from other places. This, much like most of the Left’s foolish answers, creates more problems than they solve. But Mayor Murphy says it will provide critical funding.

The Seattle Times reports:    

The Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility also praised the ruling, as did Seattle Mayor Ed Murray.

“For too long, we have had insufficient research and data on gun violence to help guide our response,” Murray said in a statement. “We will now have critical funding to advance our work on gun-violence research and prevention.”

On the surface, this sounds good. We are going to do something with this money to stop the violence. Exactly what are they going to research? Are they going to look into the reasons that gun violence exists? Are they going to look into how and why guns kill? No, these are stupid questions, because the statement is stupid. We have these answers already.

Guns kill people because people shoot others. It has nothing to do with the guns. It has nothing to do with sales, manufacturers or retailers. The issue is people. People are wicked. They get jealous, greedy, and hateful. They do not check or control these feelings. Acting upon these feelings, they kill other people. Sin, and not guns, is the problem.

We have known this from the beginning. James explains the process better in James 1:14-16:

14 But each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own lust. 15 Then when lust has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and when sin is accomplished, it brings forth death. 16 Do not be deceived, my beloved brethren.

No gun tax or law will stop the wickedness of our hearts. We must repent and turn to Christ if we are to stop this process. May God grant us, and all men, the grace to do so.


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