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Sellout Church Leader Endorses Socialist Bernie Sanders

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Published on: May 28, 2016

We often wonder why it is that our nation is in the mess that it is. We have been spending more than we produce for years and are handing down crippling debt to our great-grandchildren. Crime is on the rise and family is the on decline. And all the while we have church celebrities telling the flock that the church should be silent.

This would be bad enough. To not be faithful to Christ’s command to occupy until he comes (Luke 19:11-27) is one thing, but it has begun to go downhill from there. We are now being told that our vote has nothing to do with faithfulness.

Christian News reports:

In the midst of a famine in the professing American church for biblical instruction on selecting leaders for civil government, public records show that a ministry leader at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, founded and led by popular megachurch pastor and author Tim Keller, has been a consistent donor to the Bernie Sanders campaign.

She has given a total of $2449.00 to Sanders. Just a reminder, Sanders supports the murder of the unborn. He is also a socialist, which is contrary to Biblical teaching. So, there is no doubt that Sanders would lead us away from biblical principles.

And this appears to be something that is common in Keller’s circle.

Christian News continues:

Thabiti Anyabwile, the leader of Anacostia River Church in Washington, D.C., a congregation planted by church health advocate Mark Dever, who serves on the board for Keller’s Gospel Coalition, recently announced that he will rather vote for Hillary Clinton for president.

“Let the hate begin. But if choice is between Clinton and Trump, I’m voting Clinton. I’ll go back to not voting when this man is defeated!” he wrote on social media on May 9.

Tom Palumbo, a deacon at Redeemer Presbyterian Church, advised Christian News Network that he believes voting is a “philosophical matter” and he would not consider it concerning or sinful for church leaders to vote for candidates such as Bernie Sanders. Messages for
Koch and Keller were not returned.

It seems that these people think that you can divorce policy from religion. Their religious neutrality is on display. It appears that the conservative evangelical can vote for sodomy, murder, and theft, as long as they say their prayers and pay their tithes. Oh yeah, and buy books.

There have been many who have questioned Keller, and it seems that this was justified. Remember, I reported that one of his staff was openly supportive of sodomite unions and campaigned for its acceptance on social media. It appears that that staffer fit right in with the rest in Keller’s circle.

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