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Senator Mary Landrieu Accused Me of Claiming Slavery was better than Welfare

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Published on: December 6, 2014

Mary Landrieu accused me of claiming slavery was better than welfare.

She dug in the gutter to attack me. She wants our message to stay hidden! This is no surprise for a desperate progressive activist politician whose constituents REJECT her policies of failure.

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John Fund wrote about this story in National Review. He correctly pointed out that I lived on and off of welfare for several years and that I dedicate my life to attacking the government poverty plantation.

He also accurately quoted me when I corrected Landrieu. I did not say slavery was better. I did say that the same political party that enslaved blacks 150 years ago is now full of overseers who ensure that no discussion of freedom from welfare is conducted in African-American communities.

Friend, I stand proud against these attacks because our work is getting noticed. From Ferguson, New York City and Louisiana, our work to expose the race baiters and the government plantation makes the Left furious. When I’m attacked, please know that we must be doing something right!

The Left is on the defense — exactly where they need to be. For too long, conservatives have been afraid to call out leftist policies for what they cause: poverty, pain and desperation.

Americans are not fooled by the leftist policies that have been imposed on us for half a century — even in these moments of crisis.


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