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Sergeant-At-Arms Who Shot Muslim Jihadist Gets Standing Ovation from Canadian Parliament

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Published on: October 23, 2014

On Wednesday, Islamists coordinated multiple attacks in Canada and the Sergeant-at-arms shot the gunman who had fired shots and was making his way toward the Chamber where many parliamentarians had barricaded themselves with chairs inside the chamber. Following his return on Thursday, the Sergeant-at-arms was greeted by a standing ovation from members of Parliament.

Canadian Parliament’s Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers heard the shots from the gunman, grabbed his gun and headed toward the sounds of the gunfire.

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While Prime Minister Stephen Harper was whisked away in an armed “cavalcade” and Parliament members were helpless and unarmed in the Chamber, Vickers found Muslim jihadist Michael Abdul Zehaf-Bibeau and shot him, ending his jihad.

Watch the video as Vickers takes his normal stance on Thursday morning and the standing ovation ensues, recognizing his heroic act saved many lives.

Vickers rightly deserved the applause and thankfulness of his fellow Canadians. I say well done Mr. Vickers! You are indeed a hero.

Once again, that old slogan of a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun holds true.

However, this is where I would say that Canada should learn a lesson, and it is a lesson that should be learned by the world and remembered by the United States. In fact, I would venture to say that there are many lessons that could be learned from what took place on Wednesday in the country north of us.

First, how likely would it have been that this jihadist would have attacked if he knew that every member of Parliament was armed? How likely would the other jihadists have attacked the Rideau Centre shopping mall or the Chateau Laurier Hotel if Canadians’ rights to keep and bear arms, rights they have from God, were not infringed? Anyone seeing the picture here?

Canada, like all countries should stop oppressing their people from the right to be able to defend themselves. It is the absolutely stupid mindset that wants to infringe on God-given rights to defend oneself and neighbors that leaves people unprotected and completely dependent upon the police who are only minutes away when you need a gun in seconds, or one sergeant-at-arms.

Second, Canada, like the rest of the West, including the United States and Europe have been playing footsie with Islam, making excuses for those that follow the teachings of Mohamed and downplaying the reality of Islam as totalitarian death cult. We have been entertaining them and even installing them in high security locations, all to our own demise.

This is a prime opportunity to end the political correctness regarding Islam and deal it a death blow by outlawing its practice inside Canada. In fact, the United States should take the lead on that issue and use the means they have to stop the Mohammedan ideology dead in its tracks.

While all this took place in Canada, there is no doubt that the US has not learned these same lessons I am speaking about. We continue to elect representatives that are hell bent on disarming us as much as possible and restricting our right to carry arms anywhere we like for defense and the protection of a free state. But we will not be disarmed. They are purposefully telling us Islam is a “religion of peace,” to disarm us mentally. Yet, we all know that is not true.

Canada, America….consider wisely the next steps you take with regards to these two issues. They are very real life and death issues for the people of both countries.


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