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Serving In The Military Can Be An Honorable Thing

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Published on: May 23, 2018

Serving in the military is honorable, but some men and women who serve in government are bad. Military men go in to kill the bad guys, but the government can sometimes have them doing bad things if they don’t know the US Constitution.

Remember the oath that they swear to uphold, “Against all enemies both foreign and domestic.”

Lots of men and women fought, bled, and died to defend our freedom. Without them, and God, of course, we wouldn’t be here right now. That is the truth! The military is so cool.

My brother wants to be in the Army or the Navy. My other brother wants to be a Navy SEAL. Those guys and the Green Berets are the best of the best. They don’t play around, that’s the truth.

Back in Biblical times, the military was led by men such as King David and Joshua. Those guys were some of the best in the military back then.

The worst military back then were those who disobeyed God and His moral Law (Exodus 20). Some of those armies were in Egypt and Rome.

Nowadays, our military is good if they know the US Constitution. You should honor the military as long as they are upholding the law.

Lots of military people are honorable, just like Desmond Thomas Doss, who was portrayed in the movie
Hacksaw Ridge. He saved a whole platoon and lots of other people (John 15:13). He was a hero of heroes.

There would be no such thing as the military without guns, and bow and arrows, knives, bombs, airplanes, dogs, missiles, bullets, powder, men, helicopters, supplies, women, grenades, boats, and so on.

We need to put good people in government to replace the bad so our boys that serve will never be put in harm’s way without just cause.

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