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Shagging the Dog: Obama Bathroom Move is Only 1 of a Myriad of Effective Diversions

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Published on: May 20, 2016

Over the last week or so, the civil rights of youth who self-identify as “transgender” has become a hot topic in the press, indeed, one of the hottest topics out there. The fact that it is a non-issue to a majority of Americans (with “transgender teens” representing somewhere between 0.3 and 0.5 percent of the total population, and 3 percent of teens overall) is what makes it newsworthy, however – even more so than the issue itself.

For those who may be wondering about my use of the colloquial “shagging” in the title of this column, this is a slang term commonly used in the U.K. and a few other countries to reference copulation. Its relevance to the debate over “gender fluidity” will presently become apparent.

For the record, we will not be discussing bestiality.

I have nothing but compassion for teens and children who are sufficiently confused regarding their gender identification that they elect to represent as members of the opposite sex, yet it would be irresponsible of me not to address the likely reasons why they do so, and why they are being so dedicatedly exploited by the political left. I also realize that characterizing their gender identification as confusion or emotional or mental dysfunction will enrage those on the left, for whom the summary acceptance of dysfunction and deviance as normal almost always carries a political imperative.

Last week, those who respect the rule of law in this country were outraged when our president, Barack Hussein Obama (who reportedly was once a regular at Chicago area gay bath houses) summarily ordered all of America’s K-12 public schools to allow students who self-identify as transgender to use the bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice or face a loss of certain federal funding. This was followed by the audacious and monumentally disingenuous contention by radical leftist and Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch that denying such access to individuals who identify as transgender is akin to segregation-era laws and policies under which black Americans once suffered.

The public outrage stemmed from the fact that Obama’s decree negates the privacy rights of the majority of public school students as well as their safety by opening the door to abuses by assorted sexual deviants and criminal sex offenders.

It is also unconstitutional, par for the course for this president.

As far as “shagging the dog” goes: Some may remember “Wag the Dog,” a 1997 film that told the story of a media spinmeister and a Hollywood producer who teamed up to engineer a fake war. They did this in order to create a diversion sufficient to neutralize press reports surrounding a presidential sex scandal. The significance is that the film’s release date came at around the same time America was engaged in the Balkans conflict and President Bill Clinton was fighting for his political life in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal.

Thus, the parallel between frenetic efforts on the part of the Obama administration to protect transgender rights in order to draw attention away from its myriad crimes and scandals, and past instances of politicians and governments employing similar strategies becomes apparent. The “shagging” analog is due to the sexual component of this variant of the tactic.

It wouldn’t be the first time the Obama administration has employed diversion by exploiting or even creating a hot topic issue; indeed, it has been doing so throughout its tenure. Advancing such causes as Black Lives Matter, green initiatives, gay “marriage” and climate change fearmongering have served (with the cooperation of a complicit press) to defray public discussion of its criminal and treasonous activities.

The transgender rights phenomenon has other objectives as well; like the gay rights crusade, it is calculated to politically disenfranchise those who hold traditional values (Christians in particular) and to give rise to a sensualist, morally ambivalent populace that will be far easier to control.

As with other issues prioritized by the left, the character of certain devices used in previous diversions are the same. For example, the transgender access question carries a clear potential for detrimental effects with regard to the majority of the population, but these are conveniently overlooked in favor of the counterfeit compassion so often promulgated by leftists. Still, arguments against the measure are met with juvenile derision and invective. Oppose scrapping America’s fleet of over-the-road diesel freight trucks in favor of the proposed gerbil-powered “green” alternative? Well, you’re an Earth-hating bigot, and liberal-socialists will excoriate and stigmatize until you shut up. So what if commerce grinds to a halt and society descends into chaos; at least those horrible diesel fumes will be in check.

The destructive repercussions of commerce grinding to a halt and society descending into chaos were the true objectives, of course; the left’s concern for the environment was only a pretext.

In the meantime, the press and other media dutifully advance the idea that a boy who thinks he’s a girl represents normalcy. News pieces celebrate this aspect of societal malaise, showcasing “proud trans teens” and the deluded adults who feed their neurosis. These reports seldom draw any causality whatsoever, stemming from such things as having been raised in notoriously liberal enclaves, highly dysfunctional families of origin, or having one parent (usually the father) who is conspicuously absent. Lighthearted television dramas and comedies about everything from doctors to private detectives invariably find ways to gratuitously interject the importance of gay and transgender rights and “global gender parity” into nearly every episode.

It’s brainwashing, plain and simple – and it is manifestly evil.

As with those who practice homosexuality, most Americans – Christians included – couldn’t care less that “trans” people engage in particular behaviors. It is the amoral and often illegal imposition upon others’ lives and liberties being institutionalized by the left – supposedly on behalf of transgender people – that offends.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush

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