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Shame on the Liberty Movement for Applauding the Kim Davis Jail Time

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Published on: September 4, 2015

I am dumbfounded how little the “Liberty Movement” knows about liberty. To all the “liberty activists” out there that took to social media applauding the arrest of Kim Davis by federal marshals you make me sick. It is obvious that your liberty education is nothing more than opinions about liberty rather than you being truly willing to stand up for actual time tested liberty principles.

The Kim Davis ruling demonstrates that nobody in this movement understands the importance of jurisdictional authority in the least which is by far one of the most fundamental, foundational of all natural law principles. I would venture to say very few as evidenced by the number of people celebrating the jailing of Kim Davis who claim to side with liberty.

Ask yourself, when has it ever been okay for the government to jail people on the basis of their deeply held religious convictions? It is not, it never has been and God help us if it ever becomes the de facto standard in this country. If government has authority over the inner space of our hearts then it has become a full on tyranny, rendering unto itself god like powers to enforce a standard of morality on its people. This jailing is so over the top, that anyone with eyes for liberty should be up and arms regardless of your personal beliefs about marriage. By this standard every conscientious objector that left the military based on spiritual convictions should also be jailed. It is the same thing. The government has no authority over peoples convictions and must allow space for those in its employee to object to things they don’t feel in good conscience they can do. That is a foundational principle of liberty right there. Kim Davis is not forcing her religious convictions on other people through the force of government, the government is forcing her to give her convictions up or go to jail.

This Kim Davis marriage debacle is because the government has overstepped its jurisdictional boundaries in everything it should not have. The government has no authority over a man, a family, a church or even society least they personally endanger someone and must step in to protect innocent life or property from harm. We are free because we are allowed to follow the dictates of our heart without fear of repercussion. But because we have no concept of this fact the people have allowed government to encroach into families, their marriage, the church, private business etc, etc.  All of these things are universally accepted as forbidden by government to do. Kim Davis should not even have forms in her office officiating over marriage period. If she wants to make a statement about marriage she should tear up those forms and throw them into a waste basket.

This marriage business that is dividing the country is because government has made an exclusively religious ceremony their business. Marriage is an agreement between a man and woman, a spiritual union and has historically been that way for thousands of years under the sole jurisdiction of the church. Government is not a spiritual entity nor should it ever be and I think everyone on both sides of the fence should agree to that unless you want to live under a theocratic tyranny in short order. Nor should we be living in a society that punishes people for their religious convictions no matter how crazy they may seem, did they hurt anyone? No then move along!

Government turning a religious ceremony into a government sacrament that they can then dole out special rights and punishments with is an absolute atrocity to everything this country stands for and I expect the so called “Liberty Movement” to recognize that and stand up for what is right. Which is decrying this judge, this gay couple and demanding she is let out of jail. I can see this gay couple celebrating “yay we won!” no you lost, using government to force your deeply held convictions on another is a net loss for the country.

Every authority under the Constitution is limited, and the first amendment makes it clear that no appointed government official can make any laws respecting religion. SO how is gay marriage an enforceable law when the Bill of Rights says it can’t make any laws in respects to religion? Without question marriage resides under the heading of a spiritual institution and is off limits for government involvement. The whole thing is upside down and backwards and demonstrates how far removed we are from our Constitutional moorings and understanding in this country. This lack of understanding and willful disregard and ignorance of our Constitution is at the heart of the issue here. The elite love it because they can pit freeman against freeman in a dialectic of control.

It will never cease to amaze me how proponents of Liberty who are anti-fed to the core will all of sudden jump on the federal bandwagon if it means subjecting someone they don’t agree with to government force. No wonder this movement is a joke, they are secretly selective authoritarian when confronted with their own personal biases instead of standing for principles that protect everyone from government evil. We need to wise up and fast this game is getting seriously nasty and no one will come out a winner in the end.


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