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Sharia & Jihad Exposing Patriot’s Site Comes Under Massive Attack as Draw Muhammad Contest Date Approaches

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Published on: April 11, 2015

Pamela Geller, who has been a contributor to our site for several years, has had her own website attacked twice in the past few months. The first event brought her site down to the point where she needed a new server. This latest attack comes on the heels of enormous publicity as her organization seeks to expose Islam and jihad for what they are: Savagery. It also comes just ahead of the May 3 cartoon contest she has scheduled in Garland, Texas where people have submitted drawings of Muhammad.

According to Geller, “My website, Pamela Geller’s Atlas Shrugs, has been under attack for the past week. Today it is down, offline completely. Our AFDI win in Philadelphia has gotten huge national and international press. In addition, our upcoming Muhammad Art Exhibit and Cartoon Contest in Garland, Texas has roiled the enemies of truth and freedom. They are out for blood.”

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“The attack huge,” Geller said. “I have switched servers and added new layers of website security (moving from Cloudflare to Sucuri). Please be patient. I am working furiously to get back online. These moves and associated costs are staggering.”

Knowing the current administration and its ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, it is not beyond reasonable to suspect that there might even be those within our own government who are attempting to silence free speech regarding Islam. In fact, it is downright provable as Federal Attorney Bill Killian threatened Americans with fines and imprisonment for posting negative comments about Islam on social media.

“Talking about critical issues never discussed in national/international circles,” says Geller.

And talking about critical issues is what Geller does, but often that talk goes beyond a website. Her organization American Freedom Defense Initiative has had a tremendous impact on both the national and international fronts concerning Islam and jihad.

Her ads exposing Islam, jihad and Jew / Christian hatred have caused quite an uproar.

Her “#MyJihad” ads were met with outrageous criticism and lies, even though all she did was quote famous Islamists. However, Pamela’s ads exposing Nazi Germany’s Adolph Hitler alongside Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini seem to have been the ads that have caused the rage of the Islamists and socialists in America to have burst their proverbial “gasket.”

However, all of the things that she points out from Islamic history can be traced back to the very ideology written in the Koran and espoused by the murdering, thieving pedophile himself, Muhammad.

“If only Islamic Jew-hatred, jihad and sharia elicited this kind of response — we wouldn’t be in the trouble we’re in now,” said Geller.

My thoughts are that Geller just put out her first set of pictures for people to vote on this week for the exhibit she has planned in Texas next month and that the current attacks on her site are to shut down the momentum, but we’ll at least do our part to make people aware of what is going on.

If you would like to help her in her efforts, you can contribute here.

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