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Sheriff to Legislators: I Refuse to Enforce Your Unconstitutional Gun Law

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Published on: April 20, 2015

As things develop in Josephine County concerning the Bureau of Land Management’s threats against the owners of the Sugar Pine mine in southern Oregon, the sheriff of that county said that neither he nor his office would enforce a state law, which legislators are attempting to pass that would expand background checks to include private sales.

Senate Bill 941, a 23-page-monstrosity that completely oversteps the authority of government against the people, is called the Oregon Firearms Safety Act. The bill was passed by the Oregon senate on Tuesday by a vote of 17-13. It will now head to the House, where Socialist Democrats believe it will have a swift and easy passage.

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Politicians were also called out by the Oregon Firearms Federation for not being truthful with those they serve.

“The Senate debate proved that supporters of SB 941 did not read it or were willing to lie about it,” the organization wrote on its website. “Senator Prozanski said you would be able to loan a firearm to someone to go hunting, but that’s not true unless you were with them at the time they were hunting. He said the bill would not prevent a transfer to a person who was 18 to 21. That is also false. This bill is riddled with contradictions and unenforceable provisions.”

“Over 20 counties have expressed their opposition to this terrible invasion of privacy,” the OFF wrote. “Sheriffs have said they oppose it and will not enforce it.”

The bill would not only expand background checks to include private sales of guns, but also include transfers between family members and neighbors.

However, Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel is having none of it. Daniel is new on the job, following in the footsteps of Sheriff Gil Gilbertson, who had previously written a letter to Joe Biden concerning federal gun laws warning him, “Any rule, regulation, or executive order repugnant to the constitutional rights of the citizens of this County will be ignored by this office.”

According to the Examiner, “Sheriff Dave Daniel announced to the media on Tuesday that he and his department won’t enforce a state law.”

“Sheriff Daniel, who is the new top cop for Josephine County which shares a border with northern California, told reporters that believes this latest gun control law goes against his county’s charter,” wrote Jim Kouri of the Examiner. “He also said his department doesn’t have a sufficient number of deputies to pursue lawbreakers who are committing a frivolous misdemeanor.”

Daniel, though new to the job, is simply joining a long list of Oregon sheriffs who are taking a preemptive stand against what they believe to be unconstitutional legislation by socialist servants of the people.

Sheriff Tim Mueller of Linn County, along with other Oregon sheriffs, also took a similar stand in 2013 against federal encroachment against the rights of citizens to be able to purchase guns. Mueller even went so far as to write a letter to Vice President Joe Biden to inform him that he would not be enforcing any presumed authority of the federal government regarding gun control.

“It all started when my deputies and I started getting questions from folks out there in the community wanting to know exactly what my position was,” he said at the time.

Sheriff Mueller believes that no crime, no matter how heinous, should prompt politicians to take away liberties.

“Making criminals out of honest citizens, that’s not the right path to go down,” said Mueller.

Now, these constitutional sheriffs are dealing with government tyranny at the state level and they are holding their ground. They need the support of the people as they are the last line of defense between the people and tyranny in their county.

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