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Sheriffs Speak Out on Border Crisis: “Citizenship should not be automatic. Citizenship should be earned.”

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Published on: September 18, 2014

Obama has committed troops to fighting the Ebola virus – 3,000 of them to be exact. The House of Representatives has voted to back Obama into training and arming the Syrian rebels, otherwise known as the Free Syrian Army, in hopes this group will turn and fight ISIS. But, as we have seen, this group joined with ISIS to fight Assad. Meanwhile, here at home, the southern border crisis is totally out of control with illegal alien invaders “free” to cross as they please. Five sheriff’s organizations have had enough.

According to, a coalition of five sheriff’s organizations in the southwest, most along the US border, has released a three-page statement calling for the “federal government to resist ‘outright amnesty’ for people in the country illegally.” New Mexico Watchdog obtained the document that called for “increased funding for border security programs, including removal programs supervised by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and DNA samples, fingerprinting, and iris scans for people apprehended for entering the United States without documentation.”

According to the document obtained by New Mexico Watchdog:

The sheriffs serving counties along the border are at the epicenter of this crisis, though sheriffs across the country recognize the negative impacts of what crosses our borders illegally. The underlying criminal menace in the immigration crisis is evident in the smuggling of contraband and illegal drugs, exploitation of persons, and the movement of criminal across the border. This flood of men, women and children is perpetrated through an organized effort aided by groups of transnational criminals who profit from these activities and exploit those being trafficked. It is impossible to determine the full extent of that underlying criminal menace or the scope of the threats to national security.

Sheriffs are concerned about the challenges created by the current illegal immigration crisis. The singular focus on the humanitarian effort for those that have entered our country illegally is a distraction engineered to further the goals of the criminal enterprises. Current border security measures have little effect on the smuggling and trafficking of humans, contraband and illegal drugs moving across our borders, forcing law enforcement to prepare for and respond to the continuing threats of violence, drug smuggling and exploitation. This situation, aggravated by transnational criminals who facilitate and often accompany movement of illegal immigrants, causes great concern for sheriffs. With little to no information, financial assistance, or physical support from the federal government, sheriffs are struggling to understand threats and risks to their counties.

The three-page statement was approved by the boards of Western States Sheriffs’ Association, the Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition, the Southwestern Border Sheriffs’ Coalition, the New Mexico Sheriff’s Association, and the National Sheriffs’ Association. The five-group coalition met in Santa Fe, New Mexico and contended in their statement, “this coalition stands prepared to form a united security zone in sufficient depth along the border with Mexico to communicate and collaborate on unified law enforcement operations to ensure the safety of our citizens and adherence to constitutional authority.”

Donald Reay, executive director of the Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition, based in El Paso, Texas, stated, “We’re not just saying we have problems. We’re saying we have solutions to those problems.”

The statement outlined several actions the federal government should take to make the sheriffs viable law enforcement partners as well as offer their view on amnesty. The sheriffs indicated that amnesty would increase the number of illegal immigrants and they strongly oppose outright amnesty for those individuals who are in the US illegally. The statement cited the “1986 amnesty” debacle as doing little to stop illegal immigration while it “contributed to thousands of fraudulent applications for amnesty.”

The sheriffs formulated several “viable solutions for illegal immigrants who seek legal status.”

Naturally, this has prompted some backlash from the American Civil Liberties Union. Vicki Gaubeca, director of the Regional Center for Border Rights of the ACLU of New Mexico, stated that sheriffs may indeed need more resources to perform their duties but contended that enforcement of immigration law was not one of them.

One has to wonder exactly what “border rights” are. It appears, according to the ACLU and many others, that any and everything has rights except for the citizens of this nation.

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) has stated that the US southern border is secure. Parroting Reid, Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM) claimed the border was more secure now than it has ever been citing more patrol officers, resources and technology deployed now than at any other time in history. While Reay does not dispute what Reid and Heinrich state, he does contend the border is open when it shouldn’t be and those crossing the border other than through a port of entry have violated federal immigration law.

Reay stated the sheriffs do not favor a “roundup of illegal immigrants” due to the economic impact on communities but do favor undocumented workers coming forward to participate in the pathway to legalization.

Reay contended, “Citizenship should not be automatic. Citizenship should be earned.”

Just as this current administration cannot express that the Islamic State is Islam, everyone surrounding the crisis along the southern border cannot call this what it is – an illegal alien invasion of the United States. Along those same lines, no one wants to address the fact that millions have lived here illegally for years, years mind you, and have not once even applied to be citizens. Are we all to believe that all of a sudden every illegal alien in the US suddenly wants to be a citizen? And, are we to believe that all of these illegal alien invaders are actually coming to the US to get citizenship?

United States Citizenship should be earned and the process should start with legal immigration according to the US Immigration laws. Why should citizens of this nation accept rewarding citizenship to those illegal aliens whose first action was to violate our laws then become “pardoned” for it? Who do these criminals think they are to ask for such?

The illegal alien invasion that is occurring along our southern border is a product of the lawless, criminal actions of this administration in refusing to enforce current US immigration law. While the coalition of five border sheriffs associations may not agree with round-up and deportation, it is possible, has been done in the past, and is perfectly legal under the law. It should be done now.

If the federal government refuses to perform its duty to protect the states from invasion, it is then incumbent upon the states to protect themselves as the government is derelict in its duty outlined in the Constitution. This not only applies to the border states, but every state in the union. This lawless administration has dumped and is dumping numerous illegal aliens into cities and towns throughout the nation in the criminal fashion thereby participating in aiding and abetting an illegal invasion. State governments who continually participate in welcoming this rabble and refusing to protect its citizens are just as complicit, criminal and lawless as the federal government. As has been reported, many of these criminals have been transported to Memphis in order to receive Social Security numbers and passports – items normally reserved for citizens.

While the sheriffs may think that iris scans and DNA samples for illegal invaders may be a solution, it is a dangerous one that could be turned against the citizens of this nation. As we have all seen, one power authorized for one area is easily expanded to infringe on the God-given unalienable rights of individuals – NSA spying and NDAA are good examples.

What is refusing to be acknowledged is the cooperation the federal government is getting from the various states in promoting, sustaining and encouraging the continued violation of the United States as a sovereign nation when it comes to this illegal alien invasion. Who, exactly, is protecting the citizens of the United States of America?

Not only are Americans having to contend with this illegal invasion along the southern border, they may soon be faced with being forced to accept “Muslim refugees” from Syria and Iraq into our country at the behest of the United Nations. It’s time to face facts that America is under siege from without as well as within. Citizens have been betrayed by their federal government along with their state governments and our sovereignty has been threatened.

While these sheriffs are clearly making known the border crisis has spiraled out of control and some solutions have been formulated, the fact remains that until this crisis is addressed as what it is – an illegal alien invasion – and until the state and federal government choose to do their duty to protect citizens and our sovereignty as a nation, America will be inundated with illegals and eventually turned into a third world cesspool of violence and crime.

The clear solution to the illegal alien invasion is to enforce our immigration laws, secure the border, suspend or stop immigration and engage in a massive deportation effort of those who are in this country illegally. Unfortunately, the “keep it simple, stupid” principle is lost on the “intellectuals” in government.

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