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Shooter Opens Fire in Tennessee Movie Theater

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Published on: August 6, 2015

It is becoming more and more frequent.  The report of shootings and mass attacks in America.  More people are resorting to attacking the innocent and unarmed bystander.  Those who either are unable to deal with the real world or those who are Muslim know that most Americans are not armed in public.  These people have been shown, over and over, that we are like sheep.  And it has happened once again.

CNN reports:

There have been reports of an active shooter at a theater in Antioch, Tennessee, a Nashville suburb, police said Wednesday.

Three minor injuries were initially reported in the Carmike Hickory 8 shooting, police said, and shortly after the news broke, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department tweeted that the suspect was dead.

It seems that the report of injuries are now being questioned.  It seems that the shooter was confronted by police in a quick enough time that he was too occupied to do his intended damage on the citizenry in the movie theater.  But it seems clear that he has now been killed.

Fox reports:

A gunman who opened fire in a movie theater in suburban Nashville, Tenn., was killed in a shootout with police Wednesday.

A metro police dispatcher told The Tennessean newspaper the shooting was reported at 1:13 p.m., at the Carmike Hickory Hollow Cinema in Antioch, Tennessee.

Once again, for whatever reason, a man has taken his weapon and turned it on unsuspecting and unarmed people.  And once again it has happened in the movies.  We have to begin to rethink the way we do things.  We have to wonder how long we will allow ourselves to be sitting ducks?

Fox continued:

A police department spokesman said the shooter was armed with a gun and a hatchet. When police arrived on the scene, the gunman fired at an officer who then returned fire. A SWAT team also on the scene fired at him, as well.

The police response was outstanding.  There is no doubt that a much more tragic scene could have occurred if they would have been just moments slower.  Their quick and brave response to the situation should be commended.

Fox also reported:

A metro police dispatcher told The Tennessean newspaper the shooting was reported at 1:13 p.m. at the Carmike Hickory Hollow Cinema in Antioch, Tennessee.


The man also reportedly left two backpacks that were being examined by hazardous device officers.

There will definitely be more revealed as the day turns to night, but there is one thing that we can be sure of and that is the left’s response.  They will be calling for your guns.  Rather than calling for laws to be passed to allow for men and women to protect themselves, there will be a call to make us more vulnerable.


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