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SICKENING: Politician Argues That Rape Isn’t as Bad When Muslims Do It!

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Published on: July 7, 2016

Dueling stories out of Sweden speak to the horrible rape crisis that is currently raging there (and the rest of Europe).

First, over the weekend some 35 different women (as young as 12) reported being sexually assaulted by “foreign youths” while attending a Swedish music festival. 17-year old Alexandra Larson recounted the terrifying events to the UK Daily Mail Online. The assaults took place during Sweden’s “Party in the Park” festival, and the one common thread is that the apparent perpetrators were “foreigners” who may have been from a nearby asylum center. The victims reported being kissed, groped, and verbally harassed by men who they believed to likely be immigrants.

“’Everything was okay at the beginning of the evening. But things got out of hand during the last concert… when I felt the first touch against my bottom.

‘Then someone took the liberty of grabbing my butt really hard. I turned away and said to the group of boys behind us that this was not okay, but I did not know who had done it. After a while, I felt someone running his fingers between my legs touching my genitals. Luckily, I had jeans on me.

‘It was creepy. Someone stood around me and groped me and I had no idea who it was. It was sick…

‘The groping was at first a bit innocent. Just a touch on the bottom. Something that you can do by mistake in a big crowd of people. But it became worse and worse after that. The one touching me was becoming more and more rough every time…

‘I have reported this to the police, but it feels like a drop in the ocean. I saw girls that came crying from the audience, including an old childhood friend who is two years younger. She cried so much that it broke my heart…”

Larson claims she saw “girls crying everywhere” as she left the festival, and police have corroborated her story, saying that they know of at least 35 separate sexual assaults that took place during and after the festival. Thus far they’ve only made two arrests.  

The second story out of Sweden puts the music festival assaults to shame because it uncovers the sheer idiocy of the lunatic left.

While all of these innocent young women were being assaulted and harassed, a liberal Swedish politician by the name of Barbro Sörman was making the argument that rape is “worse” when a Swedish man does it than when
an immigrant does.

I kid you not.

Here’s what Sörman tweeted: “The Swedish men who rape do it despite the growing gender equality. They make an active choice. It’s worse imo [in my opinion].”When people who were not leftist idiots noticed the insane commentary from the politician, Sörman attempted to backtrack before deciding to delete her Twitter account.

Sadly, what Sörman and other liberals apparently don’t understand is that rape, sexual aggression, and male domination are standard operating procedure in the Muslim world. No, it may not be legal everywhere and it may be frowned upon in certain polite Muslim circles… but it is also legally protected and culturally nurtured in the Muslim world. It is legally protected by religious courts, which punish the victim as well as the perpetrator. It is nurtured in Islamic society by families that shame their daughters for their victimhood and parents who do not protect their children from the advances of evil lust-filled men. As Islam continues to spread into the waiting arms of the naïve and liberal Western World, sexual assault, abuse, rape and violence will only become more problematic and commonplace.

We in the West must wake up before it is too late to stop their deadly march.

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