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Since When Did 4 Thug Police Officers Represent The Whole Force? Consider The Source: Girlfriend Beating, ANTIFA Cop Killing Supporting, Treasonous Keith Ellison

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Published on: June 10, 2020

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” -Winston Churchill

Outside of the discussion as to why do we have police in the first place and is it even constitutional, (Do remember that where a people fail to govern themselves, the state will expand with more control) we must consider that the good cops outweigh the bad cops by 90% hands down (Matthew 7:16).

We can see that over the last month that the mainstream media, once again, is right there in an attempt to show you how bad the police are, and even in some cases, we need to get rid of them all.  That is not true nor is it wise (Proverbs 7:2).

What I see through all of this is the perfect exhibition of corruption in the system of American government that wants to prove that our system of government is obsolete so that they can implement a new system of governance.

Remember, this is what Communists do (Revelation 12:9-11).  Instead of magnifying the laws against the criminals, the bad cops in this case, they attempt to divert your attention away from the laws that they are not enforcing that undermine American government, in bringing in a system that is new and un-American. One of the officers had several filed complaints against him. What you are seeing here is the criminals warring against the law in the face of the American people.  Look at who is fueling the narrative here. Criminals hate the law (Romans 3:20).

I am here to tell you that those who are playing along with this high-jacked narrative have this as their end aim. Just ask the lawless criminal ANTIFA Cop Killing supporter and treasonous Muslim Attorney General (CIA Plant) Keith Ellison and his son Jeremiah Ellison who want to disband the Minneapolis police force.

Ellison repeatedly stands with cop killers

The Hill reports:

“A majority of the Minneapolis City Council vowed on Sunday to disband the local police department and replace the office with what members have said will be a new model of public safety, The New York Times reports.

According to the newspaper, nine of the council’s 13 members made the pledge on Sunday. Members of the council told the paper they plan to work with the local community to develop the new system following the death of George Floyd. The changes decided upon as a result of the process are reportedly expected to be adopted in the coming weeks.

The report comes several days after Lisa Bender, president of the council, and Jeremiah Ellison, council member and son of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison (D), who is also leading the state’s prosecution of the Minneapolis officer charged with Floyd’s death, made similar vows to dismantle the local department on Twitter earlier this week.”

Now, consider educated people in this country taking responsibility for their communities, cities and states (Psalm 94:16). They would, in fact, be magnifying the laws over that of the lawless while establishing judgment upon the heads of the wicked (Isaiah 51:4). Whatever starts at the top goes to the bottom, and that means that there would be no Keith Ellison nor would there be any thug police on the force because they would have been removed after their first filed complaint, not 15 of them, as it is in this case.

Instead of running a lawless and un-American narrative as to how all police need to go, they would go to the source of who is setting the narrative and would lawfully deal with them.

How about setting the narrative concerning the lives that have been saved by the good guys in uniform.

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