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Slain Benghazi SEAL’s Widow to Hillary Clinton: “You Have No Right to Tell Me to Move On”

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Published on: July 4, 2016

While Hillary Clinton is telling everyone that it’s time to forget Benghazi, her incompetence or purposefulness in failing to supply proper security, and those who lost their lives as a result, the widow of fallen Benghazi SEAL Tyrone Woods said that Hillary has absolutely “no right” to tell her to move on.

A clip was played on CNN with Hillary Clinton commenting on the Benghazi report, “I’ll leave it to others to characterize the report, but I think it’s pretty clear, it’s time to move on.”

However, it appears that the widow of fallen Benghazi SEAL Tyrone Woods have a few choice words for Clinton and did not believe that it was clear and that Clinton had no right to tell anyone to “move on,” especially her.

Dorothy Woods was asked about Clinton’s comment and she told CNN, “I think that nobody in government can tell me how I feel, what I should feel about it.”

“She has no right, nor does anyone in government, to tell me ‘It’s time to move on,'” she added. “They’re not in my shoes. I think that’s the essence of what they have done.”

The essence that Woods spoke of was Clinton and the Obama administration’s dismissiveness regarding the truth about Benghazi. She added that the Benghazi committee has been ridiculed and criticized.

“For them to sincerely do the right thing, to care about Americans, that’s what’s important,” she continued. “I agree, in a way with her, that it’s for the public to decide, you know, some people have made their decision. Others haven’t, but the facts are there and it’s up to the American people where they fall in this.”

Indeed. While I have been somewhat critical myself of the Benghazi committee largely due to the fact that there has been enough evidence that has come out that the committee should have drafted articles of impeachment against Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah and called for the arrest of Hillary Rodham Clinton because of her involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood that led to the deaths in Benghazi, we have failed to see any resolve regarding the matter.

Still, the people must not be allured with other trivial matters in our country, but respond to this issue as well as other issues that have come from the Obama administration with swift justice, not political grandstanding nor dismissiveness in order to gain political power.

Tyrone was killed in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012 while defending staff at the diplomatic outpost and US CIA annex, which was attacked by Islamic jihadists. The Obama administration attempted to cover up the attack by claiming it was the result of a protest against a YouTube video, which was actually created by a Muslim with ties to the Department of Justice.

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