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Slick Like Willy: Arkansas Bar Won’t Even Sanction Hillary Clinton Over Secret Emails

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Published on: October 23, 2018

Hillary Clinton, just like her “Slick Willy” husband Bill, won’t face any punishment, including a censure, for misconduct regarding her secret emails, something that was criminal under federal law.

According to The Washington Times:

Arkansas’s bar has declined to sanction former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her handling of her secret emails, rejecting a request that she face a misconduct investigation.

The state Supreme Court’s office of professional conduct didn’t offer any explanation for its decision in an Oct. 17 letter to Ty Clevenger, the lawyer who’d asked for action.

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“As in most other states, Arkansas’s bar prosecutors will go to perverse lengths to protect a politically-influential attorney. Lawyers with the right political connections can get away with just about anything, and it doesn’t seem to matter if they’re Republicans or Democrats,” Mr. Clevenger said.

Mr. Clevenger had told Arkansas there was clear evidence Mrs. Clinton committed perjury in her explanation of her handling of her emails, and that she destroyed evidence by having her team delete tens of thousands of messages before the government had a chance to review them.

A bar official refused the complaint last year and Mr. Clevenger asked the professional conduct committee to step in.

They declined.

“After review, it was the decision of the sub-panel to affirm the executive director’s decision and dismiss your grievance filed in connection with the alleged conduct of the respondent attorney,” wrote the chairman of the committee, Joseph Hickey.

However, Clevenger believes that no investigation actually took place in the two years that the committee alleged to have looked into the matter.

“The reason the Arkansas committee did not offer an explanation is because they can’t admit that they dismissed the case for political reasons,” he said.

Clevenger says he is considering petitioning the Arkansas Supreme Court to review Clinton’s bar status.

No doubt, not investigating the matter is exactly what they did.  Arkansas has been known to cover up for the Clintons, and it’s at all levels.

You may recall in 2013 that former Clinton associate Larry Nichols claimed that he assassinated people on behalf of the Clintons.  He made that claim numerous times, even though he attempted to smear reporter Pete Santilli over simply using his own words.

Nichols’ claims were followed up by Santilli with State Trooper Billy Ealy to no avail, but we weren’t finished yet.

From that report:

In a follow-up call by The Washington Standard, Mr. Ealy told us, “I tried to follow-up on that and I found out that with him being a former president, that the only way we can look into that is if it is recommended by the prosecutor.”

When I challenged him that Larry Nichols is not a former president, Mr. Ealy told me, “I know, but the president is.”

“What does that have to do with Larry Nichols’ confession to a capital crime?” I queried.

“That’s just the way it is,” Ealy said nonchalantly.

I charged him with being involved in a cover-up over multiple capital crimes, but he said that is not what was going on.

“We’re not covering up,” he said and then proceeded to point me to the Pulaski County Prosecutor’s office for a comment.

Ealy not only got advice from the Lieutenant above him, but also spoke to the Secret Service about the matter. At least he went that far. I’ll give him credit for that, but what he was conveying is not the law. Bill Clinton is not the president. He is a US citizen and as such, under the Fourteenth Amendment, he not only should receive equal treatment, but by definition, equal prosecution under the law, according to the Fifth Amendment.

I not only called the Prosecutor’s office, but also the Arkansas State Attorney General’s Office. Neither have returned my calls as of the writing of this article.

They never returned my calls.  These are serious matters in which someone in the employment of the Clintons. while Bill Clinton was governor and Hillary was embroiled in White Water. claims that he was murdering people for the Clintons.

Arkansas will do nothing, but I wish Mr. Clevenger all the best in his attempts to hold her accountable.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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