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Snatch Victory from Jaws of Death: How Trump Will Defeat Hillary

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Published on: October 17, 2016

The Democrats and mainstream media have colluded to take down Donald Trump and prop up crooked Hillary.

When Democrats and their media partners are at risk of losing elections, they resort to accusing their Republican opponents of sexual misconduct or “racism.” They’ve accused Donald Trump of both. But he is confounding them with his “true grit.”

The liberal press has been obsessing about Trump’s leaked audio, while ignoring the damaging WikiLeaks story about Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails. They are now using allegations of sexual misconduct to destroy Trump – some of the alleged incidents occurred 30 years ago!

Barack and Michelle Obama (aka “Big Mama”) are attacking Trump while campaigning for Hillary. Michelle claims that she was “shaken” to her core by Trump’s locker-room talk. But Michelle used to fawn over Ted Kennedy, a known serial philanderer. And the Obamas are tight with Beyoncé and Jay Z. Why aren’t they offended by Jay Z’s obscene rap lyrics or Beyoncé’s raunchy videos?

Hillary says Trump is “not fit to serve.” She has dispatched her husband, Bill, as one of her top surrogates. Yet Bill is a sexual predator. He had sex in the White House with Monica Lewinsky and lied under oath. As a result, he was impeached and stripped of his law license. Juanita Broaddrick accused him of rape; Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones accused him of sexual misconduct. He settled with Jones for $850,000.

Yet Hillary has viciously attacked these women as “trailer trash” and called Lewinsky a “narcissistic loony toon.” Hillary doesn’t care about women and children. She defended a child rapist and was caught laughing on tape that she got the only piece of evidence against her client dismissed.

We know Bill Clinton is guilty of some of the monstrous things he has been accused of doing, but the Democrats and the liberal press refuse to believe his victims, so why should we believe Trump’s accusers?

We also know that Hillary is raising millions from Hollywood execs who peddle smut and objectify women.

Trump’s latest accuser is Summer Zervos, a former contestant on “The Apprentice.” Attorney Gloria Allred dragged her out to read a prepared statement in front of the press, where she accused Trump of kissing and fondling her in a hotel in 2007 – a claim Trump denies.

Zervos said she still decided to go and meet Trump the following day, but she says Trump didn’t show up. What type of woman would agree to see a man after he allegedly groped and forcibly kissed her? Zervos is not credible.

Zervos also said she tried to get a job with the Trump organization. She admits that when she called Trump, she was told not to call his phone and was instructed to call the office line. Zervos allegedly contacted Trump’s assistant in April of 2016 and said she was hurt by his rebuff. Zervos sounds like a scorned woman being used by Democrats.

In 2012, Democrats were focused on bringing down Mitt Romney by using his “binders full of women” comment to paint him as a chauvinist who was out of touch with women.

Any time a Republican presidential candidate makes inroads with black voters, Gloria Allred is dispatched to seek and destroy him. Allred used the same dirty tactics against Herman Cain when he was running for the Republican nomination in 2012.

The Democrats couldn’t accept the idea of a strong conservative on the most powerful court – let alone a black conservative justice – so they used Anita Hill (Satan’s daughter) to smear Clarence Thomas with ridiculous claims to try to stop him from being confirmed as a Supreme Court justice. They failed.

Democrats don’t know what to do with Donald Trump. Each day, they trot out a new accuser, and Trump just keeps punching back. His campaign raised $100 million in September. His rallies still draw tens of thousands.

America’s survival is at stake in this election. Just consider our overrun borders. And by the time the next president takes office, three of the nine Supreme Court justices will be in their 80s. Justices could soon decide cases on affirmative action, abortion, voting rights and more. Do you really want Hillary’s appointees to decide on rulings we will have to live with for the next 40 years? The answer should be “no”!

Yet, cowardly Republicans like Paul Ryan and John McCain have abandoned Trump. They both know how evil Democrats operate, but they are more interested in their own selfish political futures. Thankfully, there are still a few courageous souls in the Freedom Caucus standing with Trump.

Respectable leaders like Franklin Graham, pastor Robert Jeffress and Jerry Falwell Jr. are wise enough to understand what is at stake, and they are supporting Trump.

The liberal media are trying to kill Trump’s support by coronating Hillary before the election. The Democrats are desperate, and they’re resorting to their dirty playbook to destroy Trump, just like they have done to countless other Republicans. But if We the People keep our eyes on the prize, ignore the mainstream media’s lies and get out and vote, we can snatch victory from the jaws of death.

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Article posted with permission from Jesse Lee Peterson

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