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So You Want to Take Back Your Country? Now You Will Be Able to Network With Other Activists to Do Just That!

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Published on: April 15, 2015

Many people are sick and tired of the lawlessness that is taking place in the united States. As a result, many vent their frustrations in emails, letters and phone calls to representatives, who often ignore what they say. Others merely take to social media to express their outrage. Well now, one activist group is establishing a means to help others network with those of like mind to fight against tyranny on the local level, and you can be a part.

Solutions Institute, founded by Daniel Johnson, the president of People Against the NDAA (PANDA) has established a website that helps activists build coalitions and turn the tide against government lawlessness and tyranny.

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The Solutions Institute was launched in January of 2015 and began with over 25 experienced activists from across the political spectrum. Their goal is to “revolutionize the effectiveness of activists across the world.

The first tool Solutions Institute has put in place is an Activist Map, which you can interact with below.

According to the Solutions Institute, “The Activist Map is an interactive heatmap of activism across the United States, by county. Current activists can advertise their group in their county and state, and new activists will be able to find dozens of potential partners or movements to help. The map opens with one click, and counties change color based on how many groups are in each county. Organizers can add contact information and a description of their group to help new activists get involved.”

“For years, grassroots activism has been an underground community, and coalition-building was the result of online searches, attending town meetings, and dumb luck,” reads a press release from the Solutions Institute. “Every day, hundreds of people stop fighting for a better world simply because they can’t find anyone else to join them. Every week, movements fail because they haven’t built the coalition they need. Every month, powerful events fail because planners don’t know who is in the area.”

“It’s time to stop working alone,” says the Solutions Institute. “It’s time to stop being alone. It’s time to Unite.”

I agree, there are many causes that people across the political spectrum can unite on as right and lawful, and there are things we cannot.

Daniel and his team at PANDA saw the implementation and nullification of the NDAA’s indefinite provision in cities and states across the nation over the past few years. All of it was accomplished by individual activists working together in their local area. Activism does work, but it requires people who are dedicated to seeing it through.

If you have a project in dealing with government tyranny or corruption, you can submit it to the Solutions Institute so that you can coordinate with other activists who believe in that project.

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