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Social Media is Destroying a Generation of Girls (VIDEO)

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Published on: January 1, 2023

The transgender movement is one of many examples of how Big Tech triggers destructive behavior.

I recently joined Jamie Glazov at the Glazov Gang to discuss my article, Feminism Killed Feminism.

One of the things I mentioned in the article is that suicide rates have drastically shot up, but suicide and other kinds of self-destructive behavior is rising faster among young women.

Young women are more vulnerable because they’ve been hollowed out by feminism. All the programs that were meant to build up their self-esteem have instead destroyed it. They are told that life offers them nothing except the opportunity to be the best men they can be. Is it any wonder that they spend thousands of dollars destroying the girl looking back at them?

Beyond the transgender movement which is hitting young women harder than young men, we’re seeing a collapse of human relationships. Young men are turning out unsocialized while young women are oversocialized, plugged full-time into the social media matrix which creates the illusion of society, but isn’t.

The illusion of socialization comes with algorithms that are geared by Big Tech to drive engagement.

Big Tech’s ideal customer consumes more and in the digital realm that means is needier, more depressed and more driven to look for engagement using social media.

The transgender movement is just one of many examples of how Big Tech, under the guise of wokeness, triggers destructive behavior for its own profit.

Feminism, as I discuss, got the ball rolling, urging women to search for happiness in the matrix of society at large, disdaining the idea that it can be found in the private sphere. This was useful for driving political engagement.

For many women, the social became the political, and that’s what we tend to see reflected in activism and at the polls.

Big Tech took it to the next level by making the social and the political virtual, destroying a generation of girls while achieving record profits, turning life into an endless quest to be played out on its platforms.

Article posted with permission form Daniel Greenfield

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