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Sodomite Calls for Churches to Be Forced to Stop Calling Sodomy Sin

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Published on: May 29, 2015

I have said for months that this is where we would end up.  That the ultimate goal of the sodomite movement is the silence and destruction of the Church.  It began as a subtle movement for acceptance by the culture and grown into a political battering ram for control.  The left and their socialist allies cannot have an America and a strong Church.

Christian News reports:

Concerns are arising among Christians and online commentators after a homosexual activist recently told a national publication that churches “must be made ‘to take homosexuality off the sin list.'”

Mitchell Gold is the founder of Faith in America, an organization that aims to “end the harm to LGBT youth and families from misguided religious teaching.” He served on the board of directors for the Human Rights Campaign for seven years, and was listed on of the “Top 50 Most Powerful Gay People in America” in 2007 by Out Magazine.

Gold wants to force the Church to remove sin as a sin.  This means that they could not preach against sodomy, and they could not council against sodomy.  The Church would then be taken out of the discussion entirely.  This would remove any moral ground for opposing sodomy publicly.

In an article written by Frank Buni of the New York Times, Gold is quoted as stating that he believes churches ought to be forced to stop considering homosexual behavior to be sinful.

“Gold told me that church leaders must be made ‘to take homosexuality off the sin list,’ he wrote.

“His command is worthy—and warranted,” Buni commented. “All of us, no matter our religious traditions, should know better than to tell gay people that they’re an offense.”

This call for censoring the Church should not be a surprise.  This has been coming for some time now.  There is no doubt that this has been the end game all along.  What is so surprising is the fact that the church has been so silent and even open to this kind of thinking.  Many have allowed the enemy to creep in and take over.  As the watchman slept, the city fell.

The reason that this is so important is not that these deviants want to be accepted.  It is not even that they wish to make you agree with them, but they want power.  They can only come to power through force, and they know the people have no hope without the Church.  When the Church is destroyed, the people will kowtow to the tyrants’ demands.  With the Church out of the way, the State becomes the center of the citizens’ universe.

The sodomite seems to be using reason to get this done for now.

He contended that the interpretation of biblical text about homosexuality is “subjective” and “debatable” and said that Christians disregard the “biases and blind spots of [the Bible’s] authors, cultures, and eras.”

But just wait until your pastor or youth leader is reported for continuing to teach that sodomy is a sin.  Wait until they begin to drag church leaders to jail.  How do you boil a frog alive?

If is getting warm yet Christian?


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