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Soldier Who Was Wounded In Search For Traitor Abdullah Bowe Bergdahl In Afghanistan Dies From Wounds

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Published on: October 20, 2019

“Abdullah” Bowe Bergdahl was a deserter who converted and joined the Taliban. A half dozen soldiers have died in the ensuing search to recover Bergdahl.

From the comment section:

Injustice prevails! Today it was announced that a member of the US Military proven to have been a deserter was given the minimum sentence as punishment. This man is to receive all back pay totaling 300,000 dollars was sentenced to 1,000 dollars a month for ten months totaling 10,000 dollars. In addition he is to lose all entitlements and was demoted from Sergeant (E-5) to Private (E-2) with a dishonorable discharge. What the military fails to tell the public is that this dishonorable discharge can be elevated to a General discharge within two years. So now this soldier is looking at a $10,000 dollar fine, and discharged from the military. The lives of five American soldiers who also had a Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Wife and Children were of no consequence. This same soldier will be free to write a book, sell his story to film makers and collect hundreds of thousands if not millions in doing so. A question which should have been part of the sentencing is; who will profit from the proceeds of both the book and film? Was there any clause in the discharge that stipulated all proceeds would go to the family members of those killed searching for this disgraceful soldier? The answer to that particular question is NO! Other questions which should have been asked; what is the qualification and background of the presiding judge? Was he investigated to clear him of being a possible Islamic sympathizer? What political party is the judge affiliated with, possibly the Democratic Party who is/was sympathetic to terrorists? What actual influence and how much if any…did the previous Commander-in-Chief have over the case? Why did the presiding judge determine the prison time for the soldier being held by the Taliban was sufficient, when in fact it was the soldier who conscientiously made the decision to desert his post? How many medical doctors and Psychologists examined the soldier to determine his mental state, or were they dependent only on one for his opinion and if so what is his political affiliation and was he sympathetic to Islamic terrorists? The defense Attorney’s injected the soldiers up bringing stating he had a rough childhood, how is this possible, his parents are Muslim. They also inferred he had PTSD. What proof do they have other than using the term diagnoses of PTSD? When a private American citizen remarked this soldier was a Traitor to his country, this citizen was only proclaiming that which the nation was thinking, the Defense Attorney’s utilized this as grounds of prejudice. Rest assured this same Defense Attorney coached this soldier to testify how remorseful he was and that he apologized for walking off his assigned post. The lives of the five killed looking for him were irrelevant, what was important was to get this soldier the very minimal sentence, something he was completely successful of doing. For the court to hurt the fragile, delicate feelings of this privileged soldier was not an option. The judge in the case found this case to be tiresome; therefore he wanted to end it as quickly as possible. Given all the circumstances, evidence and testimony, the soldier should have gotten as a minimal punishment; a dishonorable discharge, loss of “all “pay and allowances, and prison time of fifteen years minimal without possibility of parole. A stipulation should have been injected in the sentencing to read; “Any and all proceeds from any book or movie deal will be paid and distributed among the beneficiaries of the five soldiers killed in hunting for this soldier”. America, our justice system is corrupt and unbalanced to accommodate the lawless. Injustice Prevailed this day.

  • In addition this traitor, that is what someone is that deserts and then goes over to the enemy, which he did thereby causing so much death and injury to those that tried to retrieve him, he has received since his return more than $300,000 in benefits plus medical/psychological care, which as you have indicated could be transmuted to lifetime benefits. Upon his release he was immediately rewarded with back pay including elevating him in rank and service time pay increases as if he had served that time honorably and then paid as an NCO while he did nothing up to this point. So this thing that is now poised to cash in on his leftist popularity, with this slap on a wrist received what is tantamount to a reward for violating the military code. The reason we have a separate Uniform Code of Military Justice from the civilian system is that this system is part of the military system of discipline that is necessary to maintain military readiness and performance in combat zones. Even with them overlooking the traitorous conduct and just charging desertion, without receiving at least 15 years hard labor this rewards him for traitorous misconduct. As a former short-term Army officer (66-68) that has observed unconscionable civilian leniency slipping into this system, this was still shockingly unbelievable.

    Bowe Bergdahl hated America, deserted, converted to Islam and joined the Taliban. Six great American heroes died searching for this scumbag.

    “Abdullah” Bowe Bergdahl wrote he was “ashamed to be American” before he went AWOL

    AWOL Traitor Traded for Taliban Terrorists: “In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful,’’ AWOL soldier’s dad said in Arabic


    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports 46-year-old Master Sgt. Mark Allen of Loganville, Georgia, died Saturday. His obituary says he died from complications of an injury sustained while serving in Afghanistan.

    Mark Allen with wife, Shannon Allen of Loganville; son: Cody Allen of Tuscola, IL; daughter: Journey Allen of Loganville; grandson: Kruze Allen of Tuscola, IL. (Shannon Allen)

    Mark Allen with wife, Shannon Allen of Loganville; son: Cody Allen of Tuscola, IL; daughter: Journey Allen of Loganville; grandson: Kruze Allen of Tuscola, IL. (Shannon Allen)

    Allen was shot during an insurgent ambush in 2009. He was left unable to speak and paralyzed over much of his body. His official cause of death hasn’t been released.

    Allen spent 21 years in the Army and the Army National Guard. He retired upon receiving a Purple Heart in 2013.

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