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Sons of Liberty Contributor Michael Peroutka Wins County Council Seat

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Published on: November 7, 2014

2004 Presidential Candidate Michael Peroutka defeated Democrat Patrick Armstrong for Anne Arundel County Council on Tuesday. Though considered to be controversial, Peroutka ran his campaign on calling people back to our founding principles and biblical morality.

The Capital Gazette reports:

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Peroutka, 62, earned nearly 1,900 more votes than 31-year-old Patrick Armstrong, a Democrat, to win the District 5 seat.

Peroutka’s campaign had not declared victory when Armstrong conceded after midnight.

Peroutka’s win entrenched Republicans with control of the County Council, four to three. Democrats had hoped to grab an advantage by taking District 5.

Peroutka took nearly 53% of the vote over Armstrong’s 46.4%. While just 23% of registered voters turned out, the reason for Peroutka’s win was more due to his principles, experience and a desire to see someone stand for what is right against what we have seen over the past several years in our country.

Peroutka ran his campaign with the slogan, “God. Family. Republic.”

Sons of Liberty spoke with Peroutka, who told us, “It’s a great honor and humbling… and now there’s more work to do.”

“I want to thank God for the victory because the victory truly is His,” Peroutka said. “I’m grateful to Him for that and to the people of Anne Arundel County who saw fit to elect me.”

Peroutka is hopeful that his win and upcoming work on the County Council will be a validation of the teaching he has involved himself in at the Institution on the Constitution, which he has done for 15 years. His organization presents what is called the “American view of law and government,” which is most simply expressed in the idea that “There is a God, out rights come from Him and the purpose of civil government is to protect those God-given rights.”

The newly elected County Councilman said, “Godly government and constitutional government is less burdensome government, less taxing government… it leads to greater peace, tranquility and happiness among the people who subject themselves to moral and constitutional government.”

Peroutka does have his sights set on a repeal of the rain tax, as well as going after the “bathroom bill” in the county. Peroutka believes both are not only immoral, but also unconstitutional. He is only one of seven who are on the County Council and he told us that he couldn’t do it by himself, but he would be happy to lead the charge to do away with what he calls “pretended legislation.”

As for the rain tax, Peroutka says that it was a mandate pushed by the Environmental Protection Agency which is not authorized in Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution. “It’s lawlessness which breeds lawlessness,” he told us.

As for the bathroom bill, Peroutka said, “Just because the state legislature passes legislation, doesn’t mean we have to swallow it. We must resist unconstitutional and immoral legislation. We have a long tradition in America of doing that. That’s how America was founded, how it began. Our founders stood up to things like the Townsend Act, the Stamp Act and the Tea Act and said these things were not law at all, but pretended legislation because no authority was granted to do those things.”

“We have that tradition in America,” he added. “We need to recover and reconnect to it.”

Though there was a constitutional sheriff running for office this year, sadly he did not win. According to Peroutka, the sheriff of Anne Arundel County believes he must follow the legislation passed by the state regardless of whether it is immoral or unconstitutional. That is something that will require educating the sheriff on, which Peroutka said he would be happy to do.

In any case, this is one of the many examples of Christian men who have battled their way into positions where they can practice the very things they have spoken of without compromising the principles they hold dear. Please keep Michael in prayer that God would continue to grant him wisdom and courage in the upcoming days to do what is right.

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