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“Sore Winner”: Boehner Strips Republican Opposition to Him of Positions on House Rules Committee

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Published on: January 7, 2015

As all America has been made aware through multiple news outlets, John “I have no vertebrae” Boehner was re-elected to be Speaker of the House of Representatives for the 114th Congress. Boehner exhibited his “integrity” after winning the vote, with only 25 dissenting votes, by seeking revenge against those who ran against him. It is possible Boehner may strip Reps. Daniel Webster and Richard Nugent of their positions on the House Rules Committee. Both Florida representatives ran opposite Boehner in a vie for the Speaker position.

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert also sought the position of Speaker of the House against Boehner. And in traditional Gohmert fashion, made it clear that a difference was made.

“We made a difference today,” Gohmer said….

“The results were not what we hoped for, but the voices of tens of thousands of Americans were heard by the people on Capitol Hill. Phone lines all over Capitol Hill were lit up by voters letting everyone here know the will of the American people. This was always about one thing – trying to have a Speaker who was sensitive to the will of the American voters. As I repeatedly made clear, this was never about one person.

In his speech, Gohmert indicated that Republicans opposing Boehner knew they would need 29 votes to oust “Johnny Spineless.” However, some Republicans were absent, meaning the required number needed to elect Boehner was lowered. Gohmert indicated the goal was to elect a “new Speaker with wisdom and honesty to lead the Congress.” According to Gohmert, the fight is not over.

“Our cause is a worthy one that we will continue. We must not be breaking our promises to the American people. We must keep the momentum that we created so that the House of Representatives can be as intended “The People’s House” and not just another rubber stamp for broken promises.

“This is not the last battle. We still have a President acting as if he were the executive, legislative and judicial branches all in one. We also need a House and Senate that are kept accountable.”

Gohmert went on to call Boehner a “sore winner.”

“After being told that we should now all come together and work together, we have been told late today that two of our Congressmen are being taken off of the committee they were on, simply for voting like their voters wanted. So, it appears before we can work together, we are now going to have another fight. It would be a shame of the Speaker of the House who has so much power is a sore winner.”

Boehner is a sore winner, a RINO, a traitor and an Obama lackey. The fact that he would seek retribution against those who voted against him because their constituents wanted Boehner ousted has to be proof enough of his Obama connection. It’s “monkey see, monkey do” behavior with Boehner. More than likely, Webster and Nugent won’t be alone as Boehner may seek to “punish” the other naysayers to his holding the Speaker position.

It really was no surprise that Boehner was re-elected for his third term as Speaker. According to Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC), it’s a difficult job that very few members want. Besides, Boehner was overwhelmingly approved in the November conference and no other name was made for nomination. Gowdy was not present to vote since he missed his flight to Washington; but, he would have voted for Boehner nonetheless.

Another South Carolina representative, Mick Mulvaney, declared he would not participate in the “mutiny” against Boehner because “people lie about how they are going to vote,” “I don’t trust” the fellow Republicans trying to oust Boehner, “Louie isn’t credible,” “Webster doesn’t have a good Heritage Action score,” and “a new speaker won’t give conservatives leverage because the last time it was tried, conservatives were marginalized.” Mulvaney rhetorically questioned, “And this was supposed to be the savior of the conservative movement?”

There are too few conservatives sitting in Congress to effectively rally for conservative government against establishment Republicans and RINOs. Even with the American people urging their respective “representatives” to elect a different Speaker, these individuals refused to deviate from what had been decided in a November conference in order to elect a Speaker that would be willing to stand up for conservative principles, the will of the American public, and exhibit a spine. Americans certainly cannot trust politicians at this point in time. According to Mulvaney, they don’t even trust each other.

How pathetic has the American septic tank become when you can’t even “pump” it out every few years?

Welcome to the USURPER nation – United States Under Rapid Progressive Egregious Reconstruction. The US has become a nation where the majority of its “representative” government do not represent the people. Our nation has become one where many Americans react as automatons, thanks to the indoctrination centers known as schools, as evidenced by electing the same corrupt individuals to represent them in government. Many of our citizens, who are for the most part good people, continue to vote along party lines regardless of where that party may lead them.

Our central government has shifted from one that was founded as being “by the people, for the people and of the people” to one that has developed a life of its own, becoming self-serving instead of subservient. The people continue to tolerate one abuse after another. Many are ready for a change. Some are content with the way things are going while others sit in apathy. As a wise man once said, “A man will not get a new pair of shoes until the ones they have are worn out or so tight as to be uncomfortable.” In other words, the people will not restore Constitutional government until this one has been completely destroyed or when the oppression becomes overt.

It has been known for quite some time that our two party system really functions as “different sides of the same coin.” While the TEA party has made good strides, it cannot accomplish the goal of restoration of the constitutional republic form of government by operating inside the establishment Republican Party. It is way overdue for Americans to break the two party monopoly governing this nation. Unless you are a Republican or Democrat, you cannot vote in the primaries. America needs a solid, conservative, constitutional party behind which to rally – one where everyone can recognize the candidates as members when seen on a ballot. The newly formed party should have its rightful place in the primaries.

Most people are tired of voting the lesser of two evils in a voting system that has been corrupted. Melissa Melton had it right when she indicated Americans need to reject the current system by refusing to participate. Each election has Americans voting for one type of slavery or another. We, as Americans, should not be voting to be enslaved – we should be voting to be represented in the form of government upon which this country was founded. And, we should have a formal party and candidates from that party that reflect those values seeking election.

It is no small task; but, if the people in Great Britain can do it, surely America can. But, Americans need to ask one question; “Is it too late for that?”

If a new constitutional, conservative party cannot be established outside the rank and file of Republicans and some Democrats to restore our republic, Americans will have to make some tough choices in the next few years; none of those choices will be pleasant.

With Boehner maintaining his prestigious position that he uses more to stroke his ego than what is constitutional, Americans can expect to be “sold” to the Democratic/Obama agenda. While Gohmert insists the fight is not over, it’s hard to imagine many proclaimed “conservative” Republicans would rally in support of a more constitutional conservative government. Mulvaney’s statement regarding trust says it all. And, Gowdy going along with the conference only because it had previously been decided is an example of a lame duck excuse reminiscent of “Have you met Joe Biden” or “I don’t agree with impeachment.”

As my Dad is so fond of saying, “Joe Blow ain’t gonna sit back and take it. When he’s had enough, he’ll do something.”

Well, Joe Blow America, have you had enough yet?

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