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Soros Funds Anti-Capital Punishment Fight in Nebraska

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Published on: July 11, 2015

Most could not believe when the socially conservative state of Nebraska’s legislature abolished capital punishment.  This traditional stronghold of the Republican Party is a very strange place to see the loss of such a law, but there is more to the issue than politics.  Yet, it should alarm all conservative Nebraskans from where the anti-capital punishment money is coming from.

The Washington Times reports:

A petition drive aimed at giving voters the final say on executions is running up against national opposition, led by a $400,000 donation from the Proteus Action League in Amherst, Massachusetts, a liberal nonprofit with ties to progressive billionaire George Soros.

This basically means that the people opposing this petition drive are getting their support from outsiders.  The problem with this is simple.  Who better to decide what is best for Nebraska than Nebraskans?  Why do we think that it is okay for people outside our community to change our communities?  They seek to change towns and communities that they have never visited.  Why is this okay?

And it is possible that this intrusion will backfire.

The Times continues:

“To have a liberal billionaire like George Soros be tied to our opposition is quite telling,” said Mr. Peterson, a Lincoln political strategist. “I don’t think Nebraskans are going to care for that kind of effort to prevent them from being able to vote on an issue of this importance.”

You see, the issue is that we have set back and fretted over the wrong things.  We are terrified that the politicians and secret societies are working toward a “one world order.”  All the while, they have been seeking to make all our states the same.  The want us all to look and act the same.  Nebraska has the same laws as California and California the same laws as North Dakota.

The Times reports:

The problem: Many Nebraskans still support the death penalty and are none too pleased by the state Legislature’s surprise about-face. A poll released May 29 conducted by Voter Consumer Research for the Nebraska Republican Party found 64 percent of likely state voters in favor of keeping capital punishment and 28 percent opposed.

The overwhelming numbers of people who believe that the death penalty should be a punishment will be silenced in this if Soros and his thugs win.  This causes two problems.  First, we have to consider that we have a trend that has developed that is emphasized for us here.

We have allowed our country to be an “upside down Democracy.”  It is better known in civic circles as an oligarchy.  This is when a small group or a minority rule over the majority.  Those who are the few silence the many by the pity of having small numbers or a large purse.

The second problem will be the fact that justice will never be done in Nebraska in certain cases.  If a man kills your daughter, the worse that can happen to him is that he is given free room and board for the remainder of his life.  Oh, and, by the way, you pay for that.  You, the family member of the victim; the one who lost in this will pay for this person’s food, bed, clothes, healthcare, and entertainment.  As long as you both are alive.  This is not justice.

We have to remember that God says that there are certain crimes that deserve death.  By the act of these lawbreakers, they have forfeited their lives.  Who do we think we are to say otherwise?


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