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Soros Organization Pushes For Global Government Through UN With Four Scenario Options (Video)

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Published on: December 31, 2019

Constitutionalists and those who care about preserving the united States in order to return it to its constitutional tenets already know the US should cease membership in the United Nations and kick the UN out of the united States.  This is never more important than it is today;  but, no one should expect the do-nothing-but-impeach-the-president and do-everything-to-eradicate-freedom Congress to stop the movement of the United Nations to implement global governance under its parliamentary rule.  While You-Tube is scrubbing everything it can related to constitutionalism, conservatism, and varied information, several outlets still exist that are bringing these types of scenarios to light.

Lisa Haven of Lisa Haven News and Restricted Republic, which she founded with You-Tuber Justus Knight, is pushing out news never covered by the lamestream entertainment government-controlled enemedia and rarely covered by any alternative media news site.  Recently, Ms. Haven discovered a report by Democracy Without Borders, a George Soros funded organization promoting a one world government, aka global government/new world order, with the UN as the parliamentary government, theorizing four scenarios on the future of the UN.  Granted, the referenced article is an opinion piece by Keith Suter, taken from his book on global governance scenarios.  However, it cannot be understated that in these scenarios one can see some of the push of the UN aided by other global government pushing nations to inch ever closer to the goal.

Watch the video.

While Ms. Haven is a heavy Trump supporter, the message she is sending is valid.  Look at each “state” described in the article referenced and you will see some semblance of where the united States currently fits and where it could go.  It’s interesting this is appearing around the 75th anniversary of the UN.

Steady State

Currently, this is where all nations currently fit.  Each nation is in control of its own destiny – solving its own problems and making its own laws.  But, according to Suter, the nations are unwilling to work together on common problem, never stating what those common problems are.  One can guess the hoax of climate change is one of them.

Starving the UN of financial resources should be the goal of every developed nation, as well as ceasing participation, in the world since it is a brutal, human rights violation, tyrannical dictatorship club that seeks to spread its wickedness across the globe.  Before the formation of the United Nations, can anyone count how many wars the united States was a participant in other nations’ affairs?  After the UN formed, the united States has been involved in French Indochina, Korea, Operation Ajax, Laotian Civil War, Lebanon Crisis, Bay of Pigs, Simba Rebellion, Vietnam, Thailand, Korean DMZ conflict, Dominican Civil War, Bolivia, Cambodian Civil War, South Zaire, Afghanistan, Lebanese Civil War, Grenada, Gulf War/Operation Desert Storm, Somalia, Bosnia, Haiti, Kosovo, Nepal, Insurgency in Maghreb, Operation Enduring Freedom (Horn of Africa), Iraq, Pakistan, Uganda, Syria, Libya, and Yemen (Yemeni Civil War).  Of course, there are multiple other countries participating in many of these conflicts and some are ongoing.

With the number of nations involved in some of these “conflicts”, one could consider those to be almost world involved.

The UN is working for nothing else but itself, as many already know.  So, each nation should retain its sovereignty, solve its own problems, and cease calling on other nations to help it do so.  In other words, every nation should mind its own business, stop whatever this “nation building” has become, and work toward freedom for their own citizens.

World State

In this scenario national governments, while they remain in control of their destiny, are willing to work together through the UN on common problems, and this evolves gradually into some form of global governance. This scenario is based on there being no purely national solutions to transnational problems, and so governments have to work together through some form of global governance to solve common problems.

Just how the world evolves to a different form of governance is not yet clear; there are three ways of trying to get countries united:

Federalist approach: the deliberate decision by national governments to transfer certain powers (such as maintaining armed forces) to a UN/ world government while retaining other powers (such as establishing laws concerning ownership of property) for themselves.

Did you catch that?  Maintaining armed forces would be transferred to the UN/World government.  The world state scenario leads to world government with a “world military”.

Functionalist approach: the creation of more global agencies (such as the World Health Organisation) to handle a particular function (such as health) because experts can co-operate in a less politically-charged environment, and eventually the globe will be covered by a network of such agencies operating under the UN.

Creating more global agencies to handle specific functions “because experts can co-operate in a less politically-charged environment” is one way to gain control over people.  The World Health Organization is a joke.  It doesn’t do anything worthwhile.  Imagine “global agencies” that are responsible for water delivery systems, power, garbage disposal, nuclear technology, currency, trade, health, and a host of other infrastructure each individual nation now handles for itself.

Populist Approach: the creation of a grass-roots people’s movement to establish a democratic world government directly responsible to the people of the world, and in the meantime to generate ideas for world government and a groundswell in favour of it, such as the campaign for a UN Parliamentary Assembly.

If there is a groundswell in favor of this type of government, it is the brutal, human rights violating, tyrannical dictatorship club, which includes the communist countries, making up the majority of the UN, who is in favor of it.  However, peruse the site and you will find the European Parliament calling for a UN parliamentary government, which France and Germany support – Germany has a chapter for this campaign within its borders.  God-given individual unalienable rights would be a thing of the past under the “World State” scenario.

Earth Inc.

In this scenario, national governments fail, the UN is unable to “fill the vacuum”, leaving trans-national corporations as major governing bodies.  It sounds familiar, doesn’t it?  TPP and TAP anyone?  These trans-national corporations would “knit” the world into a global market with money as the measure of all things.  National identity would no longer exist, except where it can be commodified, and people considered mainly consumers or potential consumers instead of citizens.

How long would it take trans-national corporations to view people as a “commodity”?  How long in the “World State” or “Earth Inc.” scenarios would it be before people are a commodity?  The answer is not long and people would become tradeable options in a new world order slavery market.

Wild State

In this scenario, Suter theorizes that governments would lose control over their nations, the UN would be unable to fill the void, and trans-national corporations would refuse to do so.  He foresees increasing chaos.

“This is the ‘nightmare scenario’, in which nation states fall apart, there is an increased in ‘failed states’, mass movements of people, and increased environmental and health problems, and climate disaster”.

He had to get that hoax of climate disaster in there for effect.  But, what he writes next is the nail in the coffin.

The current situation is “business as usual” but there are signs of “wild state” emerging. These include: rise of nationalist politicians and policies, a reluctance to work together on common problems (such as climate change), a collective forgetting of the conditions that led up to World War II (such as xenophobia and trade wars), and a withdrawal at the personal level into self-indulgent and self-absorbed concerns by people preferring to ignore global issues and instead are absorbed by sport and entertainment.

Suter is wrong in the conditions that led up to World War II, as many know it was the unbalanced Treat of Versailles, the global depression of the 1930s, and the rise of Hitler to power in Germany.  The mentally disturbed Hitler envisioned a “Third Reich” through military conquest while blaming Germany’s ills, it’s defeat in World War I, on corrupt politicians, the Bolsheviks, and Jewish interests.  It was not xenophobia and trade wars.

His first finger-pointing is “rise of nationalist politicians and policies”.  And, that finger is pointing to the united States.  But, as it currently stands, there is not one politician sitting in the District of Criminals and Corruption who is truly putting the united States or its people first in policy.  If that were the case, there would be a rescinding of all constitutional usurpations made through pseudo-law that infringed upon the rights of the people and the States.

People are withdrawing into a “self-indulgent” and “self-absorbed” mentality because the rise of immorality, depravity, and down-right disgusting behaviors are being paraded in the streets as a form or normalcy.  The breakdown of the family unit, which society revolves around, the desecration of the church, through many congregations accepting what is considered an abomination as normal – “marriage” of same-sex individuals and open sodomy, and the indoctrination of children through government directed “education”, all three promoted by globalists and the United Nations, has caused the greatest amount of “chaos” and “wild state” that one could image in the US.  The entire shift toward self-absorption and self-indulgence is intended and has been promoted for decades.

His message here is to stop focusing on national issues, ones self, and focus on the global issues, which is the formation of a global government under the UN to alleviate national and self-problems.  He is right about one thing – people are too absorbed with sports, entertainment media, and what the Kardashians and Kanye are doing to see the truth.

And, if this isn’t enough to get more people off the couch, watch Ms. Haven’s other video, hosted by Justus Knight, on the UN approval of China’s Beidou system that is slotted to replace the current GPS (Global Positioning System) developed by the US.

Is it possible that China would use this system to attack the US?  Who knows?  But, with China and its increasing push for global power and its push to control the internet, anything is possible.

The movement is underway to eradicate the united States, from within and without.  Make no mistake about it.  Take the time to watch the videos and review the site Democracy without Borders and you will discover that events are being formulated to move toward exactly what is being warned about here.  If more people do not wake up, the US won’t even be the “last man standing”.

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