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Sourcewell: A Self Professed “Buying Club” Stealing Your Money To Advance A Global Agenda

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Published on: January 25, 2021

In Minnesota, we are quite a bit advanced in the process and this group has taken over nearly every facet of our lives. They have a presence in every state of the union that I have checked. Just perform an internet search on them for connections in your state. I just enter “Sourcewell in (state).”  They will likely be involved offering products at a discount or maybe involved with GREEN programs of some kind. Often, if you read far enough, they will harken back to the Minnesota connection.


They were originally called National Joint Powers Association (NJPA). You can search that one if you want to know more. I will stick to their current larceny.

Several years ago, they began passing themselves off as a buying club. They mainly concentrated on the schools and were able to purchase quite a few products far cheaper than schools could usually get them.

It turns out that they are also connected with national and international groups of the same name. When we first discovered the International Sourcewell, they had drop-down menus, one of which was apparently aimed at sex trafficking. It showed a closeup of a sexual act. We tried to save that info but my computer shut down until I was able to delete it.

We contacted the local group who had first claimed that they only existed in Minnesota. The local rep promised he would call and have them remove that picture which was odd if they had no connection with them. But he called his boss in the state who denied any connection with them at all and stated that the name similarity was just a coincidence. Within a couple of days, the picture was gone. Remember, they will lie to your face on connections embarrassing to them at one event and then reverse themselves in a later conversation. They do this constantly!

So, now they had earned the trust of local school officials and others in the community. Then they began offering grants for various projects in the schools and throughout the community. They state that there are no STRINGS, but refuse to discuss how federal and state regulations will affect the recipient down the road a couple of years from now. I can tell you from experience that these regulationss can be devastating financially.

Once Sourcewell had gotten so chummy with local schools, they were raised up by our democratic governor to the level of a state agency. That means that all their now hundreds of employees are all state workers, nicely funded by the taxpayers. Then, they quickly aligned themselves with the Minnesota Dept Of Education, which has also aligned itself with Planned Parenthood. The result of that has been an education bill that promotes a curriculum heavily saturated in pornographic Sex Ed for Minnesota children from age 10 on up. Search the book “IT’S PERFECTLY NORMAL.”  You will see the approval by Planned Parenthood, and this is basically what the Minnesota curriculum was to be based on. Fortunately, the Republicans hold the Senate, barely, and have been able to block it so far. However, it is perfectly legal to teach the information to the teachers for a time down the road when they can get it passed. And guess who teaches the teachers ?  SOURCEWELL, of course. They teach gender identity and many other aspects of the planned curriculum. We have had a few parents, and even one young student, tell us that some teachers bring it into their class anyway, but no one will come forward publicly. Thank God for the MINNESOTA CHILD PROTECTION LEAGUE. They have been trying to raise awareness for some time, but few Republicans will help them except for blocking the legislation. Yet, if you think this has slowed Sourcewell down, think again! They now control nearly every school program in the state. STEM, SEED, DEED, SEL, COMMON CORE. Pretty impressive for a buying club, don’t you think?

Now, their role in our communities is taking on a similar approach. They give out millions of dollars statewide. When asked how they made that much money with their buying club, they state that they just FACILITATE the grants. So who gives the money? They tell you that their old group NJPA does this. In truth, it is the FOUNDATIONS I mentioned before. In this state, the MCNIGHT FOUNDATION seems to give the most. Once a truly philanthropic group, much like Ford, Rockefeller, Hormel, etc, their board has been taken over by left-leaning globalists. In Minnesota, they have a partner called the Initiative Foundation which helps give the appearance of a nice, small-town organization. They are closely connected with McKnight and get most of their money from them. It may interest you to know that McKnight got busted last Spring for donating money to a training camp for ECOTERRORISTS. Not one note in the local press was provided. It made the conservative news groups and they gave proof, but few paid attention and life goes on as before.


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