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Sprite Runs LGBT Ad That Celebrates “Breast Binding” & “Drag” (Video)

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Published on: November 13, 2019

The Coca-Cola company’s Sprite Argentina recently ran an ad promoting “breast binding” and dressing in “drag” as they continue, like many companies, to promote an agenda, not their products.

The ad, which appears below, shows a female actor having her breasts bound to give the appearance of being flat-chested in order to appear more “male.”

“Pride: that feeling when someone you love chooses to be free,” the ad says. “You’re not alone.”

Hmmm, free by being bound?  Free by lying to yourself?  Free by pretending to be something you are not?  Sounds more like slavery than freedom, don’t you think?

The ad concludes with the Spanish version of the phrase above: “Orgullo: Lo que sentís cuando alguien que querés elige ser feliz,” and “No estás solx.”

Lionel Du Cane pointed out that Sprite Argentina ran ads targeting young men.

One of the adverts featured a biological boy who didn’t feel comfortable as a boy while talking to a chatroom.

Another was an obese boy who felt insecure with his man breasts telling a chatroom how he felt.

Well, the entire agenda here is to market the mentally ill people portrayed in this advertisement, which is a direct result of failing to honor the Creator as God (Romans 1:18ff), as somehow victims that need to be coddled instead of loved and told that what they really need to do is repent and stop thinking the way that they are thinking which is driving them towards their own deaths.

Sin does kill.  Rebelling against your Creator does bring you into direct conflict with not only God Himself, but with reality and when reality gets distorted in the mind, there is no way to keep the person from becoming so disturbed that those with that mindset completely turn on themselves and society.  Sadly, many choose to end their own lives.

Perhaps, it’s time to let the Coca-Cola company know that you will not support their assault on young people in the world with this type of propaganda.  Instead of your money going to them, many will now choose to support a company that actually has family values and not depraved ones.

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