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Stand Fast, Christians!

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Published on: August 24, 2022

When speaking to many present day “professed Christians” about issues taking place both morally and politically in our world today, I can’t help but notice this reoccurring theme of “Yeah, I know it’s sad, but there’s nothing we can do, I can’t wait for the rapture… Jesus is going to come get us out of here”.

I say, “How unscriptural to live your life in such a way!”

Now, as a Christian, I am looking forward to the day the Son of Man returns to us.  However, these people attempt to use this as a way to completely abstain from putting any effort into furthering the Kingdom of God here on this earth!

This is a HUGE problem in the American Church because many demonstrate complete abstinence from societies’ issues and therefore, the “do-nothings” cowardly bend the knee to whatever tyranny or injustice comes upon them!

Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God, friends!

We are to obey God rather than man (Acts 5:29).

Nowhere in the Bible are we commanded to obey wicked laws or submit to wicked rulers!

The Bible clearly commands us to OCCUPY until He comes (Luke 19:13).

The Bible commands us to GO into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15).

We are not to merely stand by and allow the worst kind of evil to become rampant in our world today while we as Christians sit back and cry, “There’s nothing we can do about it, Jesus get us out of here!”

This is why things are where they’re at today because the Christians refuse to do what Christians are SUPPOSED TO DO.

If this applies to you, I plead with you to repent of your abstinence and apathy! The world needs REAL Christians to rise up and be BOLD as lions for our King (Proverbs 28:1).  We will be held accountable on the Day of Judgment not only for what we have done, but also for what we HAVE NOT DONE!

When Christ comes back to earth, let us be found in the fight brothers and sisters, giving nothing but our WHOLE beings into furthering the Kingdom and being the men and women God calls us to be by standing in the gap against evil!

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