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Starbucks: A Liberal Agenda Driven Business – Moves from Gun Control to “Are You a Racist?” Quiz

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Published on: March 21, 2015

In these trying economic times, most businesses are trying to do everything they can to remain solvent, refrain from closing or going bankrupt. However, there is one company that seems intent on alienating individuals who are regular customers or potential customers. The company who issued a letter requesting that individuals check their Second Amendment rights at their door and encouraged their baristas to talk to customers about race through their “Race Together” campaign has now begun to hand out “Race Relations Reality Check” quizzes. Starbucks Coffee and CEO Harold Schultz are barreling forward even after the unrelenting online ridicule from “Race Together.”

As reported by The Blaze, Twitter users were claiming on Friday that “race relations reality check” quiz was being made available to customers. Dana Loesch of the Blaze was one of the first to bring attention to this quiz, calling it the “are you a racist” quiz, as one individual “tweeted” pictures of the new Starbucks campaign. Individuals on twitter have posted pics of the Starbucks “test” that could can view through the link.

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The Blaze reports:


p>Starbucks has also seemingly teamed up with USA Today to promote the “Race Together” campaign. In fact, the coffee giant has an entire landing page on dedicated to the topic, which includes yet another race quiz, titled, “How much of what you know about race is true?”

Some of the questions include, “How much of the nation’s wealth is controlled by white people?” and “Over the past 20 years, the rates at which blacks both commit and are victims of homicide have shown sharper declines than those of whites,” a true or false question.

Starbucks to [sic] confirmed to TheBlaze in an email that the company “will include the Race Together special insert and conversation guide,” which includes the “race relations reality check” quiz, starting on Friday.

The leftist liberal progressive gun-control Democrats have gotten deep into CEO Howard Schultz. What is sheer irony is these groups are usually “environmental” activists but are intent on killing trees in order to handout these “papers” to customers. Starbucks has now expanded its business from coffee to being an ambassador for race relations or what one commenter termed “Race Arbitrator.”

Because of Starbucks‘ “gun free zone” policy, many individuals have ceased purchasing coffee from their establishment. While not a regular customer, I would, on a very rare occasion, partake of a coffee from there; but, since Schultz established a “no gun” policy, I have not returned. It helps that I have a latte/espresso machine at home to make the coffee the way I want, at the temperature that I want at the price considerably less than what Schultz’s establishment charges.

When visiting an establishment, such as Starbucks, I want to make my purchase and enjoy consuming it without having to worry about leaving my legally concealed carry weapon in the car, being bombarded with additional papers with the receipt and being engaged in some “heavy duty” conversation or being asked questions about issues from one of their employees. I’m sure there are many customers who feel the same way as time seems shorter these days and often, we are bombarded with varying “pressing” issues that it’s nice to take some time out to just enjoy what pleasures in life we can.

Mr. Schultz needs to worry more about the service, quality, and over-pricing of Starbucks coffee than trying to participate in “race relations.” Being that Al Sharpton frequently “shakes down” businesses, one has to wonder if Starbucks is the latest victim of his “racial blackmail.” Starbucks has always seemed to cater to the “yuppie puppies,” but the “request” for no gun carriers and now, handing out a “race relations reality check” quiz while engaging in a “Race Together” campaign has fully established Starbucks as a “yuppie puppy,” liberal, anti-gun, race-baiting, no conservative customers wanted establishment. If that is what they want, then by all means, the public should give it to them.

Those obsessed with race don’t understand that people don’t care what race an individual is as long as that person has established themselves as a person of good character. The old saying, “birds of a feather flock together,” is most appropriate when dealing with cases of “free association.” Individuals associate with those most like themselves regardless of race. Why do you think Obama surrounds himself and fills his administration with criminals, traitors, liars and Muslims, then associates with Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright – regardless of race? It is because their character is similar to his own.

But, many want to continue to boil it down to race. It’s a shame really as good character has no color.

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