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State Department Claims Hillary Clinton Never Signed Separation Agreement

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Published on: March 18, 2015

Well, we finally have the answer to the question of whether or not Hillary Clinton signed a formal separation agreement when she left her position as Secretary of State. That answer appears to be no.

At least that’s the answer if we take State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki at her word.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Psaki told reporters that the State Department had no record of Clinton ever signing the required government form. “We have reviewed Secretary Clinton’s official personnel file and administrative files and do not have any record of her signing the” form, Psaki said.

Psaki went on to say that the fact that Clinton didn’t fill out the form may not be as odd as it seems at first blush, pointing out that it didn’t seem that Colin Powell or Condi Rice had signed the form either, before saying. “It’s not clear that this form is used as a part of a standard part of checkout across the federal government or even at the State Department. We’re looking into how standard this is across the federal government and certainly at the State Department. … I don’t want to characterize how common practice it is.”

This is all so very convenient for Hillary and the Obama administration. Maybe former CIA Director, General David Petraeus, should have just “forgotten” to sign his separation agreement – then he wouldn’t be facing the federal charges for his “crime” of forgetting that he had a file from the office in his desk at home! Imagine, the DOJ hounded Petraeus over one file… will they have the same level of interest in the over 32,000 emails that Hillary Clinton deleted? It’s doubtful.

While the State Department spokesperson, Psaki, made it sounds as if not signing this form seemed to be the routine at the State Department, that wasn’t what White Hosue spokesman Josh Earnest said just a few days ago.

“Everyone” at the White House signs the separation agreement… even the highest-ranking officials.

(This is slightly off topic, but I have such a hard time understanding how liberals can defend big government so consistently when all the government bureaucracy seems to ever do is mess things up. The Post Office, the DMV, the IRS… even the White House and the State Department can’t get their paperwork straight. We’re not talking about some entry-level workers in a federal building in Middle America… we’re talking about the leaders of our nation. If they can’t wade through the bureaucracy, how is everyone else supposed to?)

And everyone at the State Department is also supposed to sign the separation form. Official State Department policy says that a security debriefing (followed by the signing of the separation statement) are mandatory practice for anyone leaving the State Department.

A security debriefing will be conducted and a separation statement will be completed whenever an employee is terminating employment or is otherwise to be separated for a continuous period of 60 days or more. The debriefing is mandatory to ensure that separating personnel are aware of the requirement to return all classified material and of a continuing responsibility to safeguard their knowledge of any classified information. The separating employee must be advised of the applicable laws on the protection and disclosure of classified information before signing Form OF-109, Separation Statement.

Spokesperson Psaki wrapped up the statement on the separation form by telling reporters that technically it did not seem that Clinton had done anything wrong. “We’re not aware of any penalty for not signing it. It’s not a violation of any rule.”

Again, I can’t help but think of Petraeus. The man is an American hero, who is now also considered a criminal for his actions. Yet, if he’d not signed the Separation document he wouldn’t be facing criminal charges? Amazingly, the far more politically astute Hillary Clinton was able to avoid Petraeus’ mistake… even though the “crime” she committed was far worse.

Journalist Mark Hemingway has a great idea for the next Hillary Clinton press conference — someone should bring a copy of the separation form and ask her to sign it!

Look, the White House and the State Department can spin and juke all they want. The honest and obvious answer here is that Hillary Clinton purposely broke every rule dealing with oversight that she thought she could get away with. She knew the rules on handling government emails, especially as it pertained to classified information, and she chose to ignore them. Had a lesser operative been the one to orchestrate these maneuvers, they’d be on their way to prison for a few years. Instead, Hillary Clinton may still get a shot at being President!

The media and the liberals may end up winning this fight and convincing most people that this little scandal was no big deal, but they’re wrong. It’s more evidence of what we should all already know to be true. Hillary Clinton is a devious, egomaniacal criminal… and she’d be a disaster as President.


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