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State Farm: The Creepy Neighbors Pushing The Sodomite Agenda On Your Kindergartners (Video)

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Published on: June 1, 2022

“And like a creepy neighbor, State Farm is there.”

It’s truly incredible to me that businesses of all kinds and sizes are advancing the sodomite agenda, which is a perversion of the created order, and they are targeting the youngest among us, our kids.  Insurance giant State Farm, whose slogan is “And like a good neighbor, State Farm is there,” should change it up to the creepy neighbor after an advertisement was put out by Consumers’ Research exposing that the insurance company is pimping sodomites, lesbians and trannys to your kindergartner.

Take a look.

SD Wells reports:

At State Farm, perverts are “committed” to including 5-year-old children in discussions about sexual identity, cross-dressing and pretending that there’s no such thing as a biological man or woman, because everyone is supposedly gay to some extent. State Farm’s latest target is kindergartners, and State Farm says that gender fluid and LGBTQ+ aren’t just words and acronyms, they’re “how we do business and lead our organization,” according to their own statement shared with Fox News and posted on Fox News Digital.

That’s right, Drag Queen Story Hour and litter boxes in the children’s bathrooms for kids who “identify” as cats isn’t quite enough for the libtard nation of sex freaks, now it’s on to “educating” the youngest of school children about how to act flamboyant, choose your sex partners during kindergarten, and figure out how men somehow have vaginas and can have babies, while women may garner a “package” down there and use it on each other for some gender fluid pleasures.

State Farm is recruiting agents to push any books on kindergartners that explain gender fluidity, as exposed by an internal State Farm whistleblower

Got some gay sex books you want little kids to read in school, without telling their parents? State Farm is hiring, because they really care about LGBTQ+ rights. Like a creepy neighbor, State Farm is there, staring at your little kids like they’re sex dolls, ready for conversions that involve cancer-causing hormones, life-long-regretting surgeries, and self-mutilation in the name of gay activism.

Internal State Farm email chain traffic reveals they’ve been intentionally attempting to target kindergartners for discussions about sexual identity and transgender preferences, and all WITHOUT parental consent (they know every straight parent would dogmatically object). State Farm is not even informing parents about this, much less asking permission. Forget about school boards, administrators and non-perverted normalcy, these gay rights activists are extremists who push perverted thoughts into the children’s minds every chance they get, then back-pedal later when they get caught.

State Farm wants 5-year-old children in schools to “act on that knowledge” from LGBTQ+ books and propaganda about gender fluidity

An internal email exposed by a State Farm whistleblower to Consumer’s Research reveals that State Farm is not just about pushing perverted gender “fluidity” books and propaganda on kindergartners, but they want those children to ACT on the knowledge they get from them, whatever that creepy diction means. This message was literally sent by a State Farm corporate responsibility analyst, urging Florida State Farm agents to take action and get these perverted materials in the laps of kindergartners right away, without telling or asking the parents!

State Farm is partnering with the Gender Freak Project known as “Gender Cool” to coerce little kids into thinking about women with penises and men with vaginas who prance around and act flamboyant all day, indoctrinating children to believe sex is the most important topic in school and in life.

Bringing “clarity and understanding” to the new communist national conversation that everyone should be gay and is gay is a total freak show and should be illegal in schools, at every level. What comes next is kids taking cancer-causing hormone pills prescribed by psychiatrists, and getting sex-change surgery that can cause permanent infertility and thoughts of suicide for teens and young adults who end up regretting what they can never undo.

State Farm is an insurance company who’s jumping in bed (pun intended) with a perverted movement to brainwash children, starting at five years young, to think and act like people who think about sex all day, often including sex with children. It’s just one step away from having creepy sex-offenders as guest speakers in elementary schools and daycare centers across America, like some sort of extra-curricular, creepy sex education, twisted mental “health” program.

This has NOTHING to do with gay rights or respecting gay people, and everything to do with indoctrinating children early on to become gay as soon as possible and think about sex all day. The entire State Farm organization should be ashamed of themselves, and measures should be taken to not only protect all children from this in the future, but put in place repercussions for agencies that try it again.

Remember, gender fluid indoctrination of children is ABUSE and should not be tolerated, especially at the kindergarten and elementary school levels. Tune your internet frequency to for updates on the communist regime in Washington DC, along with Disney and State Farm, looking to perv-out America’s children while they’re really still just babies.

Let’s be clear, these are not “gay” people.  They are acting lawlessly.  Engaging in these crimes against nature is a felony despite with the lawless supreme Court has ruled because it ruled outside its jurisdiction.  Laws regarding sodomy and contributing to the delinquency of a minor are the jurisdiction of the state not the central government.

It’s time the states understood that they are sovereign countries and put the Beast back in its cage, or better yet, dissolved it completely.

As for State Farm, if you are still with them and didn’t know this, isn’t it time you called them to repentance and stopped giving them your business, which is only being used to attack children in the US to confuse them and put them at war with the Creator? #BoycottStateFarm.

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